Why riyo.ai Is the Most Effective Website Visitor Analytics Software?

Update date : 27 Sep 2021 | 5 Min Read

Website Visitor Tracking Software

Working hard to grab the eyeballs of your customer base is tricky. And the tougher part is to ensure conversion of the people who are visiting your website. However, statistics say that only 2.35% of the website visitors actually convert. So, what about the remaining 97.6%?  Marketers need to make sure that they extract the maximum potential value of the visitors who don't convert and in order to do that, need to track website traffic properly. These visitors could just be browsing, searching, and contemplating to go forward and make a decision.

This is where software like Riyo.ai can enable you to track your website visitors or track website traffic. If your team understands the traffic source, you can get more valuable insights and offer even valuable services to the people who visit your website. In turn, it makes your marketing team's efforts more efficient because you can focus where it's absolutely necessary.

Why Do You Need an Effective Website Visitor Tracking System?

Effective Website Visitor Tracking System

Today, the biggest asset for attracting, acquiring, and converting customers is a website. Your website is that safe and open space that you curate with an experience that allows your visitors to stay. You possess full authority over how you want that experience to pan out. That's why leveraging data is not only important for gaining qualified leads today. It's more about understanding a customer's motivation and what drives them to have business with you.

And this understanding eventually leads to delivering highly relevant content specifically catered to different segments of the audience. Website visitor tracking, thus, is a vital requirement of every organization wanting to market its products and services through data-driven insights. Website visitor tracking software helps understand visitors' behavior, their level of interaction with your website, connect marketing campaigns, track website traffic, and develop strategies best suited for each segment.

Who Uses Real Time Website Visitor Tracking Software?

Website tracking software is not only for a particular department or team. It serves multiple areas of an organization according to their needs through real time website visitor tracking:

  1. Sales teams can utilize it to understand the motivation patterns of leads and can predict when a lead is ready to be closed.
  2. Product teams can utilize the software for optimization of the user experience that eventually leads to increased customer retention.
  3. Marketing teams can utilize such software for marketing campaign analysis, qualifying leads, and delivering highly relevant and engaging talent.

Why Is Website Visitor Tracking Software More Effective Than Analytics Tools?

Why Is Website Tracking Software More Effective Than Analytics Tools

Website visitor tracking software solves the mystery behind who visits your site and lets you track website traffic efficiently. It doesn’t only let you look at your website visitors. It tells you who is behind each of the page views. It tells you their identity, where they come from, and the most crucial thing – are they your potential lead that you should follow up?

Analytics tools don't reveal this critical information about your leads, which could be the difference in generating and converting quality leads. Visitor tracking software enables teams to curate and develop accurate profiles of their customers by extracting company names, industry, key people, and contact information. Such software forms based on two vital factors:

  1. A data-driven insight enables the marketing team to build powerful strategies. They can quickly go through the top-ranking content that is attracting the visitors and bringing in the traffic. Moreover, they can also identify the traffic sources that generate an ideal set of visitors for their site. Besides that, it can also help generate more leads from the current traffic and put successful ABM campaigns to good use.
  2. The sales team gets ample ammunition in the form of company names, from which the people visit and browse the site. It enables them to identify warm leads on the lookout for a specific solution that they think you might have. Warm leads are the ones that are pretty close to a deal and would require some nurturing.

It eventually reduces the practice of aggressive selling techniques of cold calling. Moreover, it cuts down the time spent on finding their own leads and instead allows them to focus their efforts on the high revenue-generating leads.

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How Can You Unlock the Highest Potential With riyo.ai’s Real-time Chat?

Statistics show that the organizations where marketing teams and sales teams work in tandem experience higher customer retention and sales win rates – 36% and 38%, respectively.

It basically means without any expenditure on ads; you can develop and refine your marketing strategy based on genuine feedback from your customers and after you track website traffic to optimize it further. riyo.ai's real-time chat feature lets your organization fine-tune all your processes, right from tracking a visitor to closing a deal. By chatting on a real-time basis, you can save a lot of time figuring out what a potential lead is looking for. It can be the difference in closing the gap between the ones who convert and those who don't.

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How to Engage With Your Customers and Follow-up With High-Value Visitors?

Engage with your customers

An inbound marketing strategy is a powerful way to fill your sales pipeline with qualified B2B leads and through real time website visitor tracking. However, proper website visitor tracking software is as essential as a strategy, even with a high conversion rate. This is because it is highly possible that some prospects might visit your site and leave without contacting you. And even if your website is engaging with highly relevant content, the chances are that your potential leads might still be moving to your competitor.

Since the quality of your leads depends highly on the content you provide, it needs to be highly actionable too. Lead generation software can help your organization to place such measures in all the right places. Hence, to capture the most amount of B2B leads, here are some techniques you can use:

  • Use the space above the fold wisely by incorporating a fill-up/sign-up form on every page. Contrast it with a noticeable visual and a color scheme.
  • Include a contact number on your website, which is a critical aspect of creating your services' credibility, trust, and authenticity.
  • Testimonials, reviews, and social proofs are essentially powerful for spreading the word across. It would ensure your visitors about the value your services could bring to them.

riyo.ai is a specialist website visitor tracking software where you can chat with your visitors on a real-time basis. It lets you segment your audience, extract key people information, and help develop a B2B sales strategy that is bound to convert and close deals faster.

Start tracking today with riyo.ai, with a 14-day FREE trial!

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