We are committed to Complying with all the GDPR requirements:

  • Our terms of services and privacy policies are framed in such a manner that states clearly the sources of our data collection, the purpose of use, system it is shared with, where is the data located along with the basis of the collection. Drop down options available to the user so that the information is easily navigable and traceable.
  • Trained and professional staff to comply with the GDPR and data security practices at their best along with regular training programs to ensure updated knowledge.
  • We also have well-structured and well drafted internal response plans applicable in case of data breaches and also properly documented flow of information throughout the organization.
  • To build user's protection, IP anonymization is accessible for your tracker script. This can be set up in's Tracker settings. This component will eradicate the last piece of the IP address, consequently making the IP hard to trace.
  • We also have the Company's Agreements which can be accessed by contacting us at
  • Ensuring that all the members and partners in the organization comply with GDPR and follow best practices as much as possible.
  • also enriches company’s data warehouse with a lot of contact data for individuals from publicly available sources like
  • Well-coordinated with our vendors- We review all our vendors within reasonable intervals of time to keep a track of their GDPR compliance status and then establish related GDPR processing agreements with them and have conditions where in case of breach or inability to meet the GDPR requirements, the agreements shall stand void.


  • State using in the same places where you state usage of google analytics.
  • State the usage of in all those places where you list usage of tracking and cookies.


Since we have our own in built tracking script that collects non- PII information about client’s website visitors like their IP address, pages viewed, time spent etc. The data is then enriched linkedin. uses this enriched data and presents its clients in a more simplified and manageable manner so that better inferences could be drawn out of them. We ensure that all the information displayed are publically available records that are accessible at all times.

Conducting B2B business can sometimes be extremely difficult. Since only 2% of the traffic is usually traced, with the addition of GDPR, complexities have grown to an unimaginable extent but with, we make sure that the bulk of data which is usually generated provides clients with better planning regarding networking with prospective buyers, modifying products and services etc.