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Analyze where your website visitors click, move and scroll with riyo.ai’s heatmap tool

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Take advantage of riyo.ai’s heatmap data andunderstand visitor’s behavior better

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Get insights on your changes

riyo.ai’s Heatmap allows you to understand if the changes you implemented on your website worked or are getting ignored

Illustration showing one woman using laptop and website opened with cursor indicating Knowing where visitors clicks

Know where visitors click

riyo.ai’s heatmap tool gives you accurate data as to where your website visitors click and interact. This gives you the advantage of altering your website design as per visitor behaviour

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Understand your website better

riyo.ai’s heatmap solution software gives you understanding of buttons that can’t be clicked or content that won’t load

Integrate riyo.ai heatmap feature with tools you already use

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Here’s why riyo.ai is the best heatmap tool foryour website

Screenshot showing how heatmap tool riyo.ai to works and provides what data

Heatmap for every page

riyo.ai’s Heatmap tool is available for every page on your website. This allows you to understand visitor behavior on each of your pages
Screenshot showing different types of heatmap that can be generated using riyo.ai

3 different maps

riyo.ai offers the benefit of 3 different maps - click, scroll and move maps.
Screenshot showing riyo.ai’s user friendly dashboard

User friendly

Integrating riyo.ai’s heatmaps analytics on your website is extremely easy. All you need to do is add one script in each of your pages
Screenshot showing riyo.ai’s feature to Access to entire team showing team member email and role

Access to entire team

Share access of riyo.ai’s heatmaps with multiple users of your team

Here are four other tools that you can benefitfrom with riyo.ai’s plan

Each tool is resourceful and helpful in generating potential companies for your business

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B2B Companies Generation

Track your website visitors and convert them into potential companies

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Chat with your potential companies on real-time basis and convert them into customers

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Custom Notification

Get notified every time a companies visits your website

Here’s how your Sales & Marketing Team

can use heatmaps to understand visitor behavior better

“In today’s time it is of prime importance to understand how and where does a visitor interact on your website. riyo.ai’s heatmaps gives you a clear understanding of where your website visitor clicks, scrolls and moves. This enables website creators to ensure that keep the right things at the right places on the webpage.”

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Peter JacksoneCEO, Globalservices.com

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Offers 3 different maps (Click, scroll and move)
Frequency of data updates
Close to realtime
Patch update
Real Time Notification
Only email notification
CRM integrations
Starting at $29 USD per month
Starting at $63 USD per month
Free trial
Email reports
Export lists
# of users
# of websites

Don’t miss out on quality companies andtake your business to the next levelwith riyo.ai.

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Here we are to answer all your questions regarding why riyo.ai is the best B2B Companies Generation Tool for your business

riyo.ai’s heatmap tool offers features such as integrating heatmap tool on every page of your website. You can also share access of your heatmaps data with your team.
riyo.ai’s heatmap tool can be integrated on every page of your website. You get insights such as where do you visitors click, scroll and move. This will give you a better understanding of your website visitor behavior.
riyo.ai offers 3 types of heatmaps - Click, scroll and move.
Integrating riyo.ai’s heatmap feature is extremely easy and user friendly
Yes, you can share access with your team members about riyo.ai’s heatmap data.
Your sales and marketing teams can edit content based on the reports that give them an understanding of where your website visitors click, scroll and move
Yes, you can try riyo.ai’s heatmap tool for free