We envision a highly data driven marketing culture!

In this dynamic and highly personalized business environment, with the help of quality data generation, ‘riyo.ai’ aims at helping businesses identify needs and wants of their customers, future growth prospects or probable threats and save company’s scarce resources from unnecessary expenditure. This will eventually companies to improved marketing efforts and rise in sales revenue.


Enable companies to improve and increase their online visitors to companiess conversion rate.


Create a solution to make the sales and marketing ecosystem collaborative and data driven.



Krunal Shah


A specialist in Database Design, Architecture Design, Performance Optimization, Caching and, Design, Krunal has come across several complex systems and projects in his 10+ years of IT experience in several social enterprises, automobile industry and education industry. Krunal strives for expertise in his deliverables and prioritizes customer satisfaction here at ‘riyo.ai’.


Tapan Patel


Mr Patel has 5+ years of experience and his core competency lies in managing the work force along with innovative and creative thinking. His aim of providing his clients with better customer experience is fulfilled by providing them with the most ‘out of the box’ solutions by exploring and transforming the website world. He is the team's go to for any kind of creative block.

He even trains the subordinates in matters of analysing a client’s purpose for data and providing them deliverables which matches their goal.

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