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Introduction to What Is It, How It Works, and Why Should You Implement It?

Update date : 18 Oct 2022 | 5 Min Read

Raising awareness about you or the problem you aim to address is only the first stage of the funnel. The second stage is the most crucial - lead capturing. is a website visitor tracking software that enables marketers to capture the most interested leads when it matters. As a website visitor tracking software, helps your small business recognize and combine the efforts of both the marketing and sales teams. solves the following three key aspects for marketers:

  • Tracking visitor behavior and history

Which pages your visitors visit, time they spend, and number of times they visit your site.

  • Understanding visitor identity

Identify where visitors come from, company names, key people and decision-makers.

  • Closing deals faster

Converse with your current website visitors and offer a solution to their problem.

What is Enables Website Visitor Tracking

Let’s clear one thing – only 2% of your website visitors actually go out of their way to the sign-up page. What about the rest, 98%? That’s a huge number. Moreover, it means your website attracts people, but they are either not interested in buying or just browsing for information. So, how can you find that crucial information?’s automated system taps into that gap, which contains a massive amount of data about such visitors. It collects:

  • The people who visited your website
  • The location and address of those visitors
  • The work address, company, and location of the visitors. Captures Leads When It Matters the Most

The real-time chat is what makes different from other such software in the market. enables marketers to start an instant conversation with their current website visitors. With this real-time feature, it becomes convenient for the small B2B firms to identify the problem for which visitors are seeking solutions, and they can resolve it instantly. Eventually, helps in capturing the most important leads at the right time. Influences the Entire Customer Journey

Each lead is one unique entity and would have a different customer journey till making a purchase. However, all the leads go through a three-stage process that ends in a transaction, essentially known as the lead generation funnel. Such a funnel is introduced explicitly for marketers to visualize, measure, and find new ways to attract customers depending on their stage.

Imager Source by: simplifies tracking the customer journey with its straightforward and comprehensive approach. Right from the first stage of identifying prospective leads, keeps on providing specific outreach-based classified information. The information entails the number of visits with their professional background, their duration, and visiting history, that further helps in segmenting the customer-base.

Why Should You Implement It? is a software that tracks your website visitors. These visitors are your potential customers who are lurking on your site either to get information about your company or looking for a purchase. But how do you sort and identify the visitors who could be your prospective customers? not only enables you to track them, it also dishes out key information about them, which includes where they are coming from and which pages are they visiting.

Image: showing the list of leads Lets You Know Who Are Your Visitors

Browsing history and user behavior are the two most significant aspects that impact the prioritization of the leads. enables you to segment your leads and focuses on the hottest leads with the highest intention of purchasing from you. And with real-time chat, you get the upper hand over your competitors. Reaching out to the right people from a company at the right time could become significant to close the deal.

Image: showing the company information Optimizes Lead Funnel and Converts High-quality Leads

Reaching out to the right people to market your business is perhaps the most challenging thing; and hence, the most pertinent. Many people would visit your site, but the ones who come back are the most important. And since your competitors are also scouring for them, it is even difficult. helps you track your potential customers, grabs their attention, and brings your services in front of the people with buying intent.

It Identifies visitors’ pain points

The most relevant data for engaging with a lead are the pages they visited, the time spent on a page, and the number of visits to your site. lets you extract all this information and identify the pain points, challenges, and problems for which a visitor seeks a solution.

It helps in closing deals faster with real-time chat

Apart from giving deeper insights to create buyer personas, contacting key persons and decision-makers, and assigning automatic leads, allows you to close deals even faster with its real-time chat feature. While your competitors would be scattering for contacts, you can seal the deal right there by chatting with your potential lead!

It delivers concise, detailed, and actionable reports

Knowing your ideal customer base is critical for intelligent selling and preparing your pitches accordingly. combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the data acquired from your leads. Through that data, it creates concise, in-depth, and actionable marketing reports for analysis. It shows the entire journey, starting from what your visitors are seeking, and directs your team to make necessary changes to guide visitors to their destination.

It gives access to quality leads with conversion potential

Your website would see many visitors, but not all of them are your potential leads. removes the visitors and bots and gives you the option to add and create your own filters. Segmenting them according to the company, industry, and interests helps you access high-quality leads who have the potential to convert.

How to Get Started?

Working with is pretty simple. All you need is to set up a FREE account by adding a unique tracking script to your website. This would be the address for getting your leads through You can also add more than one tracking script for multiple websites.

  • Your dashboard will start displaying all the current visitors on your site who have visited in the past, contact details, duration of visit, and social profiles.
  • Turn on the real-time chat feature from your dashboard. Starting a conversation directly with a current visitor is very easy to provide them with the solution and close deals much faster.
  • You can access all the advanced features like adding specific filters, adding more users, assigning leads to the sales team, email notifications, and many more with any of your selected plans for the number of leads.
  • The free trial starts with a minimum of 100 leads. After the trial ends, you can get your first 30 leads for free and pay only 1USD for every subsequent 15 leads.

Start your FREE TRIAL of 30 days, today!

Your ideal customer waiting to be discovered on your website.'s real-time chat and insight data will help you identify and engage your online visitor and convert them to highly qualified companies. Install our script and see it for yourself.
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