How To Leverage Website Visitor's Data Using

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The average website conversion rate is 2.35%  across all industries. Shocking, isn’t it? (Source)

Marketers spend so much time and energy driving website traffic yet fail to achieve a reasonable conversion rate. Indeed, there must be a better way to overcome this and reach 97.65% of people. Thankfully, there is!

Tracking website visitor data is the best to identify anonymous website visitors. Want to know more about leveraging website visitor identification to boost conversions? Keep reading.

What Is Website Visitor Tracking?

Every website impacts the people who visit it; knowing what your visitors want and how they come to you is robust information. Website visitor tracking can give you an understanding of how visitors interact with your site and how they navigate throughout it. It also helps you identify what motivates your visitors, making it easier to customize your marketing efforts.

Why Should You Use a Website Visitor Tracking Software Like

By tracking your website visitor data, you can better understand your audience and better target your content, strategies, and promotions to them. The result is increased revenue and brand loyalty.

Still not convinced? These website visitation statistics will make our case for you:

✅ Only 8% of conversions happen on the first interaction with a brand. (Source)

✅ The best-performing websites have a conversion rate of 11%. This means there is room for improvement on your site. (Source)

✅ Only 22 percent of businesses are happy with their conversion rates. This means the rest remain unsatisfied and want to convert more visitors to customers. (Source)

✅ 82% of marketers state that learning how to track and test conversion rates successfully is highly or moderately challenging. (Source)

✅ More than 48% of sales occur after four to ten contacts or more. (Source) A companion to Google Analytics

You might wonder why a tool is needed when Google Analytics can do the job.

You’re right! Google Analytics can identify website visitors, but you can’t really do much with this information. This means that the data provided is not enough or actionable. That’s because Google Analytics tells you the number of visitors to your website; it does not find website traffic data or tell you any other critical information., on the other hand, tells you who these visitors are, where they are coming from, what their company’s name is, their location, the date and time of their page visits, and so on. The best part is it also helps you reach out to these visitors, lets you create personalized experiences on the website, and, more importantly, closes deals as fast as possible. Hence, it fulfills the other criteria of being actionable.

How To Leverage Website Visitor Data Using

Now that you have all this data about the people visiting your website, what are you doing about it? Are you actually using this data to its fullest potential? Probably not. And here’s why you should. Your website is perhaps your brand's most valuable asset, so why not leverage it as much as possible?

That being said, let’s take a look at how you can utilize website visitor data using

1. Real-time website visitor identification

Tracking website behavior is like getting inside the heads of your prospects. It gives your sales team an opportunity to understand their every click and move and note their browsing patterns and visits.

You might have a fair idea about the heat mapping techniques and tools that can be used to analyze and track user behavior on a website or in your application. Typically, this involves observing the user's mouse movements. However, this can be done only once the session is over.

With website visitor tracking software, we are taking heat mapping and analytics to a new level. Just imagine how eye-opening it would be to track website visitor data in real-time and have access to valuable data points such as company name, industry, location, and more.

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2. Chat with leads in real time to close more deals

The best part? Real-time website monitoring gives you the opportunity to close the deal at that very instant instead of chasing a lead forever. Once set up, will notify sales reps when one of their most important clients arrives. Thanks to our real-time chat feature, you can then start a live conversation on the fly, which helps your sales team stay on top of their game at all times.

3. Pushes the capabilities of web forms

While web forms are used universally on every website, they are becoming more of an obstacle than a help. Your customers are sick of filling in multiple fields of information and waiting endlessly for a reply. If the duration between a lead filling out the form and your response time is long, you risk potentially losing the deal.

So what’s the solution? Should you stop adding forms to your web pages? Definitely not. helps you push the capabilities of your web form and convert it into the powerful lead magnet it is supposed to be.

Webforms are a great way to collect data, but what if they could qualify a prospect right on the page? Imagine this: You can track your visitors' clicks and moves thanks to real-time website monitoring. Once they fill out a form, you analyze their data. If they’re a good fit, why not open up the conversation then and there? With’s real-time chat feature, it is possible to strike the iron when it is hot.

Because of your delayed response time, you'll miss out on leads who meet your target market's criteria. Webforms allow you to qualify prospects and increase ROI, but only if you leverage them to their full potential.

How can you improve your sales numbers, traffic to your website, and time spent on the site? It all comes down to analyzing what worked, what didn’t, and why.

That’s where regular website analytics get you started, but if you want to see actual results, see what drives sales and conversion rates and who's interested in your products and services. You must dig deeper into your data and leverage the right tools to get your desired results.


How can website visitor data help you?

website visitor data can help shape your marketing strategy and direct its execution. This data can directly contribute to lead generation and sales goals.

Why is a website visitor tracking important for any business?

Website visitor tracking is a great way to understand who is visiting your website and what they are doing when they do so. It helps you better understand the people visiting your website, where they are in the buying cycle, and if you can improve conversion rates.

Is website visitor identification ethical?

Website visitor tracking software is a great tool, but as with all things, it depends on the software you use. When selecting a website visitor tracking tool, it is essential to ensure that the company you work with has clearly outlined policies regarding cookies and privacy to ensure the security of your visitor data. Luckily, ensures 100% compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and others.

How to Use Website Visitor Data in Marketing and Sales?

Marketers benefit from accurate data from a website tracking tool or website visitor tracking software. Sales teams can access information such as the names of people who visited a website and expressed interest in certain products.

Your ideal customer waiting to be discovered on your website.'s real-time chat and insight data will help you identify and engage your online visitor and convert them to highly qualified companies. Install our script and see it for yourself.
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