5 Ways riyo.ai Helps Generate High Quality Leads Through The Funnel

Update date : 21 Sep 2021 | 8 Min Read

Quick Summary: Lead generation is critical to make more conversions and boost sales. Read this blog to know how riyo.ai helps you improve your conversions through the funnel.

Let’s be honest, lead generation can be tricky.

Imagine this, you’re out in a restaurant with your friends after a long day at work, and just as you get ready to dig into the plate of delicious food in front of you, you receive a call about a product/service you had shown interest in. This disruption is bound to throw you off and make you lose interest immediately. What marketers and sales teams often forget is that they’re ideally reaching out to a cold lead and they’re just one wrong step away from turning into frozen leads.

There’s got to be a better way of doing this, right? Certainly, lead generation is no rocket science but there is an art to it. And, it can actually work wonders for your brand. How? Warm up potential leads and attract them to your business. Remember this is just the beginning. Then reach out to them and spark an interest in their minds. Curiosity might kill the cat but your leads come alive when they want to know and hear more from your brand. However, make sure that you don’t leave them hanging. The moment to finally persuade them onto the path of purchasing from you is here. Sounds like a lot.

Believe us, it’s not. For you, your business is your baby and just like an actual baby needs lots of care and effort, so does your business to generate high quality leads through the leads funnel and grow. When reaching out to a customer, efforts go a long way. Yes, it’s true, even your customers notice whether or not you’ve taken out the time to do your homework and know them. Albeit, it is imperative that marketers today focus on converting leads more efficiently. This ultra-targeted approach may not guarantee a ton of leads, but it is no unknown fact that carefully crafted out strategies bring more long-term users that can be nurtured over time, saving the sales and marketing team from continuously logging in hours and hours of being on the lookout for low-quality leads.

That’s also fine and good but how do you manage to overcome this seemingly mammoth task and improve your lead generation funnel or lead generation sales funnel? riyo.ai to the rescue. Indeed, with riyo.ai, you can now strengthen your current database whilst discovering anonymous web traffic to get classified information about your site visitors and potential leads. That’s not all, with features such as real-time mapping, customizing leads, getting unfiltered access to your customers' exact pain points, and that too all within the reach of your existing B2B marketing and sales technology stack makes riyo.ai the work best friend you didn’t know you needed. Once here, the possibilities to optimize your buyer journey become limitless.

So, let’s take a look at the 5 ways in which riyo.ai helps you improve conversion through your own sales funnel without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Generate high quality leads with real-time chats

Think of it this way, a visitor visits your website and might be interested in your services. By the time you gather the data and reach out to them, they might have found some other service provider or simply changed their mind. So how can you tackle this problem? Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep a track of the active visitors on your website and reach out to them instantly? We say that’s enough for the hit and miss. Let’s go onto something better.

Unlike its competitors, riyo.ai’s unique quality, intelligent technology, and smart tracking features, now transform the possibility of tracking your leads on a real-time basis into a reality. And you don’t have to move mountains for it. Here’s how you can do it. Just toggle on the Real-time feature on your dashboard and identify the current visitors browsing your website. Go out there and grab the moment by starting a real-time conversation with them using our Real-time chats. Always remember, nothing hurts your business more than letting a potential lead go by.

But wait, there’s more. riyo.ai also provides you with detailed and in-depth marketing reports analyzing factors you don’t want to miss out on. The pages a visitor has visited, how they came to your website, the time span, and frequency of their visit, you name it we got it. If that’s not good enough, riyo.ai’s in-built filters even let you track more easily, sort and save important leads and archive the others for later use. Spotted a future lead while sparking a conversation with your customers? Network, network, and network some more. Don’t just track your leads,  optimize their experiences and connect with them in real-time. Here’s your golden opportunity to close your deals faster and what do you visitors get out of it? Why would they choose you out of a cluster of businesses offering them the same thing? You give them exactly what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. It’s a win-win.

2. Spot the exact services to boost lead generation and conversion

Data collection is only as real as its business value. In other words, it’s great to have a data repository that lets you be hands-on with gaining leads and turning them into customers, but it’s of no use until you can’t leverage it. riyo.ai is a step above the other tools in the industry. Not only does it let you track current visitors on a real-time basis, but it also gives you detailed information about which page your leads are browsing through. This gives you an insight into what service they’re interested in, thereby giving you an opportunity to reach out to them instantly for the same service they had their eyes on.

This key piece of information could be a game-changer for your conversion strategy. riyo.ai lets you pinpoint your visitor’s pain points and gives you a chance to connect with them on the go, saving both your customers’ time and your profit margin. Notify your sales and marketing team about the prospect and assign your marketers a lead that is exactly related to what your customer needs. This ultra-targeted approach is the magic tool your business requires to boost conversion quality. The days of a customer reaching out to multiple owners for a product/service are long gone. Today, the need of the hour is for the marketers to be proactive with their customers in knowing what they need if they want to convert quality leads.

3. Get in touch with your lead

Let’s put things into perspective a bit. Your website is a host to hundreds if not thousands of visitors every day. These might be individuals, companies, or both. They might spend hours on your service pages but the real question is how many of these people will actually reach out to you for a quote or a query?

That’s where riyo.ai comes into the picture for you. With riyo.ai, you can now seamlessly connect with visitors and establish new business relationships that endure the test of time to improve lead quality. For a business owner, customer loyalty is the biggest asset to ever exist. Get visitor details such as their companies name, addresses, number of employees, phone number, and social profiles of key leads. The right connections and relationships can open the doors to a number of elite opportunities.

4. Manage your leads seamlessly

When browsing through your visitor’s activities on your website, you may come across a number of leads that you’d want to classify or segment separately under different heads. But how to manage them to chalk out a sales funnel strategy?  makes it super easy to manage your leads at your convenience. Instead of scrolling through the lists of leads on your websites, set automatic or manual filters on your dashboard and customize your leads as per what your business needs.

However, sometimes even after filters, it gets a bit difficult to generate high quality leads. Worry not! riyo.ai lets you search for specific leads in just a few minutes using its search bar feature. It’s as basic as it gets. All you have to do is feed in their company’s name, and there you have it. Treak also lets you hide visitors, who you may not consider as potential leads for your business. Today, customer privacy is the unsaid thumb rule of any business in a competitive market. Customers want to know they can trust even if in the end they just turn out to be a potential future lead. In such a scenario, riyo.ai enables you to move all the information about your leads to another avenue, by exporting them to your digital safe vault. Once you’re done interacting with a specific lead, you can archive it for future use without losing any information or history of that lead and unarchive it anytime you want. With riyo.ai, a lead once at your disposal is always at your disposal.

A smart tool is the best solution to maximizing your chances of turning a cold lead into a potential one and boost lead generation and conversion.

5. Get Notified Instantly

Wouldn’t it be great to never miss out on a lead to optimize your lead generation sales funnel? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, in the time of instant internet, it's also possible. riyo.ai ensures you always remain a step ahead and get notified each time a new visitor is on your website. An email notification comes your way whenever an existing business or new lead is active on your website, along with the autonomy of deciding the frequency of emails that can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. So, your customers don’t have to wait for eons and eventually move to other businesses due to dormant responses.

6. Use Data As Your Ally & Convert Better

In constantly evolving business dynamics, riyo.ai is the way to go to drive high quality leads!

In today’s highly unpredictable world, where resources are limited and options are endless, you need to be extra careful with where you invest your efforts and who your sales and marketing teams reach out to for eventual conversion. Enrich your conversion efforts with riyo.ai and convert not just many but qualified leads.


1. What is the difference between a lead and a qualified lead?

A lead refers to anyone who has got in touch with your company with a relevant query or interest and a qualified lead refers to someone who fits the criteria to become your customer and possess readiness to buy your product/solution.

2. What are the 3 big factors to generate high quality leads?

Real-time chats, seamless communication and delivering the most sought-after services and solutions are the 3 bug factors to generate high quality leads.

3. How does riyo.ai analyze lead quality?

riyo.ai notifies instantly whenever a new business or active lead is there on your website and offers a complete solution to lead through the sales funnel.

4. How can you manage your leads using riyo.ai?

Be it browsing through your visitor’s activities on your website or classifying them  under different heads, you can manage everything through riyo.ai by just logging in to the dashboard through a few button clicks.

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