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How Utilizes Real-Time Chat to Convert Leads

Update date : 11 Nov 2021 | 6 Min Read

Small B2B businesses generally tend to track traffic volume instead of the people visiting their site. Afterward, they would only contact the leads who went to the landing page and signed up for their service. However, they might have the misinformation that all traffic leading up to the site is good traffic. Moreover, not every visitor comes to the site to sign up for a form.

Hence, focus on finding out "who" visited your website instead of "how many'' before planning your marketing campaigns. Implementing a website visitor tracking software like with live chat for lead generation can ease out your challenges. understands that the identities of visitors are much more valuable than simply finding out the number of visitors. Fortunately, quality leads are right in front of you; and can help you look for them. Helps in Lead Nurturing and Conversion

Hence, focus on finding out "who" visited your website instead of "how many" before planning your marketing campaigns. Implementing a website visitor tracking software like can ease out your challenges. understands that the identities of visitors are much more valuable than simply finding out the number of visitors. Fortunately, quality leads are right in front of you. And can help you look for them.

How Helps B2B Businesses Identify Website Visitors?

The following sections will explore three main aspects of finding out the identities of your website visitors. Using a website visitor tracking software like, you can easily find industry-leading data, qualify leads, chat on a real-time basis, add filters, and do so much more!

  • Using real-time chat to know the purpose of your visitors
  • Using IP tracking with to find out location and companies
  • Utilizing the information gained to develop campaigns

Using Real-Time Chat to Identify the Purpose of Your Visitors

Before we let you know the wonders of using a simple real-time chat with, here are some statistics to give us the benefit of the doubt:

  • Only 20% is the average conversion rate of website visitors through sign-up forms, flushing almost 80% of the traffic down the drain.
  • Approximately 67% of the website visitors abandon a sign-up form, and only 20% of them come back to follow up.

Real-time chat enables you to get to know your visitors by directly starting a conversation with them. When you know the company or the industry they belong to, you can create much better and specific sign-up forms. Moreover, you can then monitor their visitor activity also – the pages they visit, time spent, and if they are recurring or new visitors.

Using IP Tracking With to Identify Visitors’ Location and Companies

Identifying Locations, Company, Duration, Time using

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are the key to discover your website visitors. Servers record the addresses whenever a user visits your site. Companies also have an IP address that holds a lot of valuable information regarding their locations. Hence, even if many people from a single IP address visit your site, you can easily track the number of visits and time duration with a website visitor tracking software like

Tracking IP addresses doesn't mean you are invading their privacy. You still won't get to know their contact details. But that's where helps to sort your visitors out according to the company size, industry, number of employees, and the key decision-makers. Once you know the company, you can add filters accordingly and list potential leads that fit your criteria.

Want to track your website visitors and find out who they are? Get started with a free trial of 30 days.

Follow the steps to get started with by simply pasting a tracking code on your website:

Step 1: Sign up for a free trial with your work email.

Step 2: Fill out your name and phone number.

Step 3: Select the designation/department/position that best describes you.

Step 4: Select the CRM you would like to integrate with to start seeing your visitors.

Step 5: Select the size of your company's sales team.

Step 6: Add the website name and URL of the site that you want to track. Further, you can add multiple properties once you get started.

Step 7: Now, you can simply copy the visitor tracking code and paste it on your website's header or footer. Once done, verify the installation.

Start tracking your visitors!

Utilizing the Visitor Information to Analyze and Develop Campaigns Utilizes Visitor Information to Analyze and Develop Targeted Campaigns

You can now put the knowledge gained from your visitors about their companies and locations to good use. The next crucial step is developing robust marketing campaigns, optimizing your website, and creating personas. enables you to reach new areas with live chat for lead generation and adding country-wise filters. For example, a company from Japan contacts you. You know that you are reaching new locations; you can set a filter for that country, research the industry-leading data and create a customer profile accordingly.

You can also retarget the recurring visitors from the same company. Once you know their company, you can easily map out a marketing campaign that speaks explicitly to that demographic. Researching the industry also helps in creating valuable and relevant content on your website.

How Identifying Visitor Activity Helps Marketing and Sales Teams enables you to close the gap between marketing and sales teams. The information gained from your visitors holds a significant role in many areas:

  • Identifying geographical locations helps you analyze your strategy better towards ideal customers.
  • The user behavior in terms of the pages they visited, the sequence of pages, time spent lets you know which pages are popular. It also enables you to develop better digital content.
  • Custom filters enable your team to focus your efforts on the right company size.
  • IP tracking helps you figure out your recurring visitors and contact the decision-makers, social profiles, and emails.
  • Reaching new areas also gives more opportunities to create location-specific landing pages.
  • The companies aware of your solution can become the pedigree to help you find the most important accounts and power you through account-based marketing.

Apart from real-time chat, can be instrumental in assigning a lead right away. If a lead looks interesting, it can automatically assign the user to a sales or marketing person according to the location or service through a lead generation chatbot. Similarly, you can also archive the leads that are no longer serving your purpose. If you want to share an interesting lead with a colleague, you can also add multiple users. It would make the process even convenient to schedule a specific lead to a user. Get started with a FREE 30-days trial and begin your journey to develop a solid marketing strategy.

Your ideal customer waiting to be discovered on your website.'s real-time chat and insight data will help you identify and engage your online visitor and convert them to highly qualified companies. Install our script and see it for yourself.
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