What Is Website Visitor Tracking & How Does It Help Your Business?

Update date : 10 Mar 2022 | 5 Min Read

Lead generation is no cakewalk. But what if it got easier? How awesome would it be if we could leverage our website traffic instead of going on a wild lead chase?

Thousands of people visit your website every month. It is only natural to wonder who they are and what they’re looking for? Is there a way to get more information on these visitors?

Imagine if you could qualify every single visitor on your website even if they didn't end up filling your lead magnet form. Hold on. Is that even possible? Yes! Can you see who visits your website? Absolutely yes. Does this work for B2B businesses? Yes yes yes.

Now that we’ve got your curious. Let’s begin understanding everything there is to website visitor tracking. What is it and above all, why is real time website visitor tracking important?

What Is Website Visitor Tracking?

There’s no reason why the people visiting your website should be a guess game. Most companies would disagree and say they use Google Analytics. But the question remains is Google Analytics enough?

Sure, it is a wonderful tool for tracking the number of unique visitors, however, wouldn't you want to know who these visitors are, which company and location are they coming from, and what is their niche through real time website visitor tracking?

Can they qualify as a potential customer or they do not match your ideal customer profile? Missing out on such in-depth data wouldn't be such a wise choice. Google Analytics or an equivalent service just scratches the surface. You should aim to go for the gold.

A website visitor tracking software finds the people visiting your website and unlocks key information about them which you wouldn't get otherwise on any analytics platforms. This information enables your sales and marketing teams to create accurate customer profiles that in turn provide you with the support to convert more high-quality leads.

Website visitor tracking service can make that possible. From identifying visitors to analyzing their behavior on your website including pages viewed, time spent on each page, and the number of recurring visits through real time website visitor tracking.

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Why Do You Need to Track Website Traffic?

1. Website live visitor tracking

As a business, your priority should be to never let a prospect escape. A website tracking software or website visitor tracking software notifies you in real-time whenever a visitor is browsing your website. Its dashboards give detailed insights into the visitor journey by letting you track website traffic easily.

For example, details about which page is garnering the most attention. This helps you to reduce bottlenecks and provide more personalized assistance to aim for the highest chance of conversion.

Website visitors tracking steps

2. Lead generation

Marketers, who have to generate leads are looking for ways in which to improve their lead generation efforts and attract customers who're likely to convert.

However, It is much more effective, and less cost-intensive, to attract leads who are already interested in your company than to go out and find new leads. We’ve also realized that there's a high number of people who use content marketing and paid advertising media platforms in order to reach their target audience. While this is great! There’s a lot more that can be done.

Putting a website visitor tracking tool into practice can help you find how people who visit your site are finding value in what you do and how they consume that information before deciding to give you a chance. This will help you track website traffic and let you realize which content you should be creating next and how best to market yourself so that you're always attracting the right kind of leads

3. The sales funnel

Marketers and sales teams consider a sales funnel to understand the conversion journey. Similarly, there’s a cognitive funnel that customers pass through. People are driven by emotion and make decisions based on things like trust, security, and passion before looking at long-term factors like price.

This is often overlooked which makes the path of convincing customers and conversions a challenging one. But it doesn't have to be this way. By employing a website visitor tracking software you can move the customers through your sales funnel faster.

Website sales funnel

From awareness to action, the first step to figuring out your customer’s journey is by collecting data on their site activity at each key phase of the funnel before making a purchase.

So when you do things like labeling companies that are progressing through each phase, you can use that information to your advantage and fill gaps that might have developed along the way to get them all moving from one stage to the next without any hiccups.

4. Synergy between sales & marketing teams

Benefit for marketing teams

Marketers benefit from accurate data given by a website tracking tool or website visitor tracking software.

For example, they can view which content their high-value targets frequently engage with and learn where new traffic is coming from. They can also collect data related to how customers are reacting to your site and how they're generating leads on the platform while also figuring out what's working best and what’s not.

Next, they can begin content optimization and create a hub of resources like blog content and landing pages exactly targeted to the pain points of a niche sector.

Benefit for sales teams

Sales teams get their hands on information such as the names of people who visited a website and expressed interest in certain products.

This means that the sales team is free from having to chase after people who are going to be cold or hard to approach. Instead, they get to have more time to focus on clients that have already shown some interest in making purchasing, resulting in a revenue increase.

The result? Both marketing and sales work in synergy thereby bringing ideal customers to your site.

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Wrapping Up!

A website visitor tracking software enables you to really closely track your overall marketing and sales efforts.

As a business, it helps you get an in-depth look at what you’re currently doing so that you can be sure that your campaigns are running smoothly and connecting with your target audiences as effectively as possible.

This gives a boost to your current marketing strategy by helping you see not only the bigger picture but also see which parts of certain aspects could use some refining or specific attention if needed.

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1. How to track unique visitors on the website?

You can track unique visitors on the website through a dedicated website visitor tracking software that gives you a 360 degree view of the unique website visitors, page views, and more.

2. Why does your business need website visitor tracking software?

A website visitor tracking software is crucial to track your website performance, and optimize the sales funnel through proper strategies.

3. What are the key use cases of a website visitor tracking software?

Some of the top use cases of a website visitor tracking software are live website visitors tracking, lead generation, sales funnel optimization and better marketing and sales operations.

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