How it Works

Create a FREE account, and paste the tracking script on your website. Start seeing and tracking companies in just a few seconds!

Get Started with a Free Account

Easily set up a FREE account in less than a minute. You don’t have to pay anything for creating an account with And there’s no complex contract signing, too!

how it work
how it work

Add your Unique Tracking Code

Next, you would need to add a tracking script that’s unique for your website. This is the address that will track to get you companies. You can add multiple websites with their tracking scripts. It only takes a few seconds and is a one-time thing. For any assistance, you can always contact us.

Start Seeing your companies

Your dashboard will now show you all the websites and potential companies who visited your site. Open any one of them to get more information.

  • Contact details of the company
  • Time spent on each website visit
  • The specific service/page they visited
  • Social account information
how it work
how it work

Optimize with Advanced Settings

As you get familiar with basic settings, you can now optimize your account with our advanced features. These features come along with your selected plan for the number of companies. Start harnessing the full power of with: Adding filters

  • Adding Multiple Users to Account
  • Assigning Appropriate companies to Salespeople
  • Adding More Websites for Tracking
  • Archive and Hide Rejected companies
  • Email Notifications

Track Real-time Moves, Close Quality companies comes with something that its competitors don’t. With, you can track your companies on a real-time basis. Just toggle on the Real-time feature on your dashboard. You’ll be able to see which visitor is currently browsing your website and which service they are looking for. Simply start a conversation with anyone over chat from the dashboard.

Close your deals faster. Give them what they are looking for, when they are looking for!

how it work

Why Marketers Turn to Us to Become 100% Data Driven

“We provide marketing solutions for various industries. Its important for us to understand who is visiting our website and what kind of services they are looking for. The clean and detailed overview of who visits the website is certainly the best thing about The possibility to export and download companies information is also very nice. The best feature is the real time chat. It helped us to increase our conversion by almost 50%. Highly recommended tool for small and emerging B2B businesses.”


Tejas Nair

Creative Director, Eight Petals Creative Solution