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In simple terms, a lead is any person who holds the potential to become a customer in the future. They could either be an owner of a small business, a huge company, a representative/employee, or someone just interested in what you have to offer. However, the service offering company doesn’t have much information related to these leads. They only know a person who came from somewhere is interested in what they have to offer.

Leads are the most prominent aspect of a healthy sales pipeline. If there is a steady stream of leads, it signifies the pipeline is working as it should. Hence, lead generation becomes the most crucial aspect for both marketing and sales activities.

Why Do You Need Lead Generation?

Lead Generation

Whatever the industry or size, acquiring leads is one of your topmost objectives. However, even if you allocate a good number of resources towards lead generation but don’t know if your prospects are ready to have business with you – making sales would become cumbersome.

Lead generation helps you figure out your good and bad leads. Good leads are the ones who are interested in having business with you, are high-quality, and are significant in boosting the ROI. However, many companies still prefer quantity to quality.

But statistics show that having lead generation software in place can skyrocket their business between 60% to180%.

As mentioned above, if your business keeps receiving regular sales queries – your sales pipeline is healthy. And this makes lead generation even significant to keep generating more such sales queries. But lead generation does much more than that – it enables companies to manage leads effectively, which is equally essential.

Importance of Having a Lead Generation Software in Place

Lead generation has been in the industry since salespersons made cold calls, letters, TV ads, and more. Since products and services are on the web now, lead generation software enables automating each process related to attracting leads. It enables you to gather key information about your prospects, connect with them, drive strategies, and most importantly, close a deal faster.

A survey by GetApp showed that almost 57% of both B2B and B2C companies implement lead generation software.

Lead generation software tells you that each prospect has different preferences, needs, challenges, and behavior. Hence, instead of marketing to everyone, it enables you to focus on the ones that fit your bill. Lead generation strategies like email marketing, blogging, social media marketing, live events, landing pages, and networking – can work even better and in a refined way with software in place.

Lead Generation Software Can Solve Some Major Challenges

Lead Generation Software

Advertising doesn't always do the trick of attracting buyers. A lot of factors hold them back before deciding to go from one stage to the next. A robust lead generation software like can help navigate these unnoticed complexities and problems:

Delivering High-Quality Leads

Lead generation software not only helps generate large volumes of leads but also delivers high-quality ones. It attracts more visitors to your site with organic SEO and advertising. Moreover, it ensures that you only target your ideal set of leads. Eventually, it results in leads getting close to a purchase.

Managing and Closing Deals Faster

Generating leads isn’t the only essential thing for a healthy sales pipeline. It requires effective management to help close deals faster. Once you generate the leads, the next step is to utilize lead scoring and nurturing. This is important for qualifying these leads. Plus, the sales and marketing team should always be clear about who is a qualified lead. This is important because you need to know when a lead is ready to hand off and be contacted, as almost 96% of the visitors aren't your buyers.

Having a Well-balanced Strategy

Lead generation automates segmenting, notifying, and follow-up processes, which saves the teams a lot of precious time. It makes sure you contact your leads at the right time, which is the most critical part of your process. At the same time, it also helps manage and keep track of them too. Consequently, it helps your business reduce common mistakes in lead management, leading to a well-balanced, well-placed, and refined strategy.

Re-evaluation of Lead Profiles

Here's an interesting statistic: almost 120 businesses get a new address every half an hour, and 75 people change their contact numbers. Re-evaluating your customer profiles is a significant step in staying updated with buyer profiles, journeys, channels, and strategies. Lead generation helps you refocus on their challenges and goals, and also helps redefine relevant content to solve their pain points. This way, it ensures that new and existing relationships are nurtured and maintained for longer.

Connecting With the Leads on a Real-time Basis

Your buyers would be ready to contact you when they are almost 75% to 90% through their journey. Hence, it is vital to track their journey to estimate the exact point for stepping in the sales funnel. Lead generation software like enables you to solve this key challenge with its real-time chat feature. When a recurring visitor is on your site, you can track their buyer journey and send a message exactly when they need it.

Generate Qualified Leads for Your Small Business With

Generate Qualified Leads

With the proper focus and effort, and software like, small businesses can create a system that amplifies the process of turning leads into customers. With, you can utilize the following tips to keep that steady stream of sales flowing:

  1. Research your target audience and get a better idea of their identities, where they are from, their budget, designation, lifestyle, and preferences.
  2. Segment your audience with the filters that would help you formulate a specific marketing plan for each of them.
  3. When you know your target audience and how to reach them, you can create a better plan for reaching out to them. also enables you to keep track of all these potential customers.
  4. You can track your visitors’ buyer journeys, new and recurring buyers, and at which point of the funnel they are in. With the real-time chat feature, you can close the lead much faster.

Start tracking, generating, and managing your leads today with's 14-day FREE trial.

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