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Understanding how users interact with your website is essential when discussing user experience (UX) and custom web designs. Session recording is a powerful tool that sheds light on this by capturing user journeys as they navigate your website or app by providing a visual record of clicks, scrolls, mouse movements, and even a complete user journey (excluding passwords for privacy reasons). This allows you to see your platform through the user's eyes, pinpointing areas of confusion, frustration, or abandonment.

Session recordings offer a wealth of benefits for user behavior analytics. They help identify usability issues that traditional data might miss. By watching users struggle with a form or get lost in a navigation menu, you can pinpoint the exact source of friction and make improvements. Recordings can also reveal areas of high user engagement, helping you understand what resonates with your audience and optimize your content or features accordingly.

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Overall, session recording is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to understand and improve user behavior on their digital platform. By providing a window into the user's world, it empowers you to make data-driven decisions that enhance the user experience and drive business success. Let’s know some alternatives to Lucky Orange for session recording.


What Is Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange is a web analytics tool that helps businesses understand how visitors interact with their websites. This valuable information helps various teams, such as product, UX/UI design, and development, optimize the website for better performance.

Lucky Orange offers various features that provide real-time insights into user behavior. Session recordings capture a visitor's entire journey on the website, including mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, and form interactions. This helps businesses see how users navigate their site and identify any potential pain points or areas of confusion.

Heatmaps visually represent user behavior by highlighting areas of the website that receive the most clicks, scrolls, and attention. This helps businesses understand what content resonates with users and where they might lose interest.

Moreover, Lucky Orange offers real-time analytics through its login portal. This allows businesses to see live website activity, including the number of active visitors, their geographic locations, and the pages they view. With this real-time data, companies can make informed decisions and adjustments to their website to improve the user experience and increase conversions and customer retention.

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What Are The Features of Lucky Orange?

  1. Session Recordings: Record and replay user sessions to see how visitors navigate, click, and scroll through your site.
  2. Dynamic Heatmaps: Uncover click patterns, scrolling behavior, and areas of attention with dynamic heatmaps.
  3. Surveys: Gather valuable feedback through customizable surveys to understand visitor needs and experiences.
  4. Dashboard Insights: Get real-time data and analytics on visitor activity and behavior, all on a user-friendly dashboard.
  5. Conversion Funnels: Track user journeys through your conversion funnel and pinpoints where visitors drop off.
  6. Form Analytics: Analyze form interactions to identify roadblocks and optimize your forms for better completion rates.
  7. Visitor Profiles: Gain insights into individual visitor behavior and preferences to personalize their experience.

What Are Lucky Orange's Pricing Plans?


100 monthly sessions 


paid monthly


5,000 monthly sessions 


paid monthly


15,000 monthly sessions 


paid monthly


45,000 monthly sessions 


paid monthly


300,000 monthly sessions 


paid monthly

(*Monthly plan)

Top Lucky Orange Alternatives In 2024


Have you ever felt like you're flying blind regarding your website? People visit, but what exactly are they doing? steps in as your secret weapon, offering a powerful toolkit to understand user behavior and optimize your website for success.

Imagine seeing where visitors click, how far they scroll, and even replay their entire journey on your website.  This hidden information helps you to:

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Who Can Get Benefits From Riyo.Ai?

Practically, anyone with a website can get valuable insights from their users with;

  • E-commerce stores: Streamline the buying process and reduce cart abandonment.
  • SaaS providers: Improve user onboarding and feature adoption.
  • Marketing teams: Gain data-driven insights to optimize marketing campaigns.
  • Customer support teams: Proactively address user issues and improve support efficiency.
  • Product teams: Understand user needs and make informed product development decisions.
  • Digital agencies & SEO specialists: Optimize website performance and user engagement for clients.
  • Educational institutions: Improve online learning experiences for students.
  • Financial institutions: Improve user experience for online banking and financial services.
  • Web designers & UX designers: Validate design decisions with user behavior data.

What Are The Features Provides?

The following are the primary features provided by

1. Behavioral Analytics

Gain in-depth insights into how visitors interact with your site with heatmaps, session recordings, and real-time data. Identify user pain points and optimize for a seamless journey.

2. Session Recording & Replay

Replay individual visitor sessions to pinpoint moments of confusion or frustration. See where users engage most and gain valuable insights into their behavior.

3. Heatmaps

Visualize every click, scroll, and mouse movement on your website. Heatmaps provide a clear picture of user interaction, allowing you to optimize page layouts, calls to action, and overall UX.

4. Real-time User Engagement

  1. Live Visitor Tracking: See who is on your website right now, what pages they visit, and what actions they take. Proactively engage with high-value visitors, answer questions, and potentially convert them into leads or customers.
  2. Live Chat: integrates live chat functionality, enabling real-time conversations with website visitors. Address concerns, answer questions, and provide instant support to boost customer satisfaction and conversions.

5. Form Analytics

Understand how visitors interact with your website forms. See which fields are most and least used, identify areas of confusion, and optimize your forms for higher conversion rates. Gain insights into what information visitors are comfortable sharing and customize your forms accordingly.

6. Triggers

Set up automated messages with live chat when visitors spend a specific time on a page, indicating they might need assistance. Personalize your approach and engage website visitors more effectively.

What Are's Pricing Plans?







Session Recordings (No throttling)




Session Replay




Data Retention




Heatmaps & Clickmaps




Dashboard Insights




Filter and segment data








Chat Web Pages




Initiate real-time Chat With Visitors




AI Chatbot




Auto Capture Form




How Stands Out From The Crowd?

While other tools might show user behavior, goes a step further. It helps you understand the "why" behind user actions, allowing you to make targeted improvements that will have a real impact on your website's performance.

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2. LogRocket

LogRocket is a research analytics tool that offers various features, including session replay, product analytics, and error tracking. These help marketing teams understand user behavior within their digital products and optimize the user experience.

Key Features

  • Session Replay
  • Frontend Performance Monitoring
  • Product Analytics
  • Error Tracking
  • UX Analytics

Pros and Cons of LogRocket

3. SmartLook

Smartlook is a user behavior analytics tool that is best for qualitative research. Just like, Smartlook reveals the "why" behind user actions. It analyzes trends and patterns to answer critical questions like why users churn or neglect certain features. By removing the “Maybe” factor, Smartlook helps you understand user engagement and optimize your product for better user experiences.

Key Features

  • Session recordings
  • Heatmaps
  • Events
  • Funnels
  • Crash reports
  • Cross-platform
  • Mobile app analytics
  • Website analytics

Pros and Cons of SmartLook

4. VWO

VWO insights behavioral analytics to pinpoint roadblocks that hurt the user experience. It acts as a guide, identifying areas for improvement and unearthing hidden potential within your product. This allows you to optimize the user journey and unlock new avenues for growth.

Key Features

  • Cross-Device Heatmap and Visitor Recording
  • Click map
  • Heatmap Comparison
  • Funnels
  • Page and Session Level Recordings
  • Scrollmap
  • White-labeled Surveys

Pros and Cons of VWO

5. Mouseflow

Mouseflow offers a comprehensive suite of user behavior analysis tools. You can watch visitor sessions, visualize user journeys with heatmaps, identify drop-off points in funnels, optimize forms for better lead capture, and gather direct feedback through campaigns – all within one platform.

Key Features

  • Session Replay
  • Conversion Funnels
  • User Feedback
  • Heatmaps
  • Forms
  • Friction Score

Pros and Cons of Mouseflow

6. WatchThemLive

WatchThemLive is ideal for dissecting user behavior and customer engagement on your digital products. It offers in-depth session recordings, allowing you to analyze every user interaction and identify areas for improvement. WatchThemLive also reveals usability issues and bugs that might be hindering user experience.

Key Features

  • Session Recording
  • User Tracking
  • Heatmaps
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Conversion & Goal Tracking
  • Page Optimization

Pros and Cons of WatchThemLive

7. FullStory

FullStory offers a combined UX research and user behavior analysis solution. It integrates rich product analytics with detailed session recordings and collaborative tools and provides real-time insights into user journeys across web and mobile experiences. FullStory's dynamic heatmaps help pinpoint friction points, allowing you to optimize the user experience and make data-driven decisions for superior usability.

Key Features

  • Frustration signals
  • User Journey mapping
  • Dashboards
  • User segments
  • Funnels and conversions
  • Session Replays
  • Heatmaps.

Pros and Cons of FullStory

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What are session replay tools?

Session replay tools act like a rewind button for your website or app. They record user sessions, including clicks, scrolls, and mouse movements. You can then playback these recordings to see how users interact with your product, helping you identify areas for improvement and understand user behavior.

How are session recordings different from session replays?

Session recordings are the raw data captured by the tool, while session replays are the processed and user-friendly version of that data. Replays allow you to fast forward, rewind, and filter recordings for specific actions, making it easier to analyze user journeys.

What is a behavioral analytics tool?

Behavioral analytics tools that reveal website traffic data. They analyze how users interact with your site or app, providing insights into user behavior patterns and why they take specific actions. Session replay tools are a type of behavioral analytics tool.

Does Google Analytics have session replay?

No, Google Analytics doesn't offer session replay functionality. It focuses on traditional website traffic metrics like page views, bounce rate, and demographics.

Which tool is used for tracking and reporting?

Many website analytics tools offer tracking and reporting functionalities. Google Analytics,, Lucky Orage, etc., are popular options, but numerous other tools depend on your needs. Session replay tools often provide basic tracking and reporting alongside the replay functionality.

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