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5 Best Website Tracking Tools to Understand User Behavior

Update date : 13 Jan 2022 | 8 Min Read

Quick Summary: This article lists down five most useful website tracking tools to understand and analyze the user behavior and monitor website traffic.

If you're the proprietor of a store, you can see when people are having problems in person. For example, if they can't find what they're looking for, you can lead them to the right section. If they come up to the counter, you can chat with them and find out what they need.

However, an e-commerce site is a totally different beast from a physical store. For example, you can't see people as they browse through your website pages, and you can't chat with them during checkout.

So how do you keep a close watch on what your customers want? By tracking your website visitors and analyzing their behavior through the best website tracking tools. A user behavior analytics dashboard gives you a window into the user experience you'd never be able to experience otherwise.

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How to Analyze User behavior With the Best Website Tracking Tools?

User behavior is a conglomerate of an entire group of actions that visitors take while visiting a website. It includes the pages, services, and links they clicked on, the length they scroll down the page, the time and duration they spend on any specific point, and when they leave the site.

User behavior analytics is a method for collecting, combining, and analyzing quantitative and qualitative user data to understand how users interact with a product or website. With traditional analytics, you can see activity happening, but not the "why" behind it. That's why user behavior analytics tools or web tracking tools are necessary for understanding where your customers are coming from, their behaviour flow, and user behavior tracking.

1. Hotjar : For Website Heatmaps & Behavior Analytics

Hotjar Dashboard Screenshot
Source: Hotjar dashboard


A thoughtful product launched in 2010, Hotjar has developed quite a solid user community around it. It is one of the best website tracking tools to analyze user behavior that has a fairly expansive feature set used to collect a wealth of data for store location pages and top category pages, testimonials, blog, pages per visit, referring sources, categories per lifetime, and times per visit.

With all-in-one analytics and feedback software, you can visualize visitor behavior and increase conversions. In addition to heatmaps that track website visitors, Hotjar also provides recordings of user sessions to show and analyze the behavior of your website's visitors. You can visually see your customer's clicks, mouse movements, and taps to efficiently identify usability issues with the software.

Hotjar also assists in knowing exactly when website visitors leave and discovering specific areas that need improvement. The tool analyzes user forms that help in improving the completion rates of online forms. With this analysis, Hotjar proves instrumental in discovering the blank and time-consuming fields for the forms. Additionally, you can also identify the pages that push your visitors out of the site through Hotjar.

2. : Best Website Tracking Tool For Sales and Marketers

Screenshot of Traek Website Tracking Tool Dashboard
Source : website visitor tracking

The state-of-the-art IP intelligence system provides vital information about visitors to your website, including their geographical location and company affiliation. With's user behavior-based tracking system, you can easily tell which leads are the hottest. It helps in acquiring the contact information for everyone who visits your site to reach out to them with precision. has meticulous features that track the entire journey of a visitor from the awareness stage to purchasing. Your website must be tailored to elicit the desired action from the visitor to be successful. There are many steps in this process, and has tools to help guide your visitors through each stage. With each stage, we ensure that you get high-quality leads (which are customizable).

You also get relevant data related to a lead's engagement through pages viewed, visited, time spent, path, and recurring visits. It eventually helps in identifying the pain point that you can solve. It combines artificial intelligence and a comprehensive database to generate concise, detailed, and actionable reports. Lastly, the real-time chat serves as a deal-breaker that enables hitting up your visitors when they need the most assistance.

3. Crazy Egg: For Heatmaps, scroll maps, and A/B testing

Screenshot of Using Crazy Egg Tool for Heatmaps
Source: Crazy Egg heatmaps

In the ongoing "what's next in UX?" game, online marketers face one of the biggest hurdles in determining what content does and doesn't convert well. Crazyegg has a comprehensive process that allows you to develop a content-to-conversion score for a given page, terms, and time. Crazy Egg is an easy-to-use analytics tool that provides real-time user data. Heatmaps, scroll maps, and A/B testing are the prominent features.

Heatmaps highlight and point out places where there is the most website activity. Scroll maps show where your visitors are scrolling, click the most and provide insight into using sections more effectively. It shows you how far down your page your visitor is willing to explore.

With the Confetti report, this is one of the top web tracking tools that reveals detailed analyses of user activity on your page. It displays color-coded dots that represent each visitor's clicks. It displays color-coded dots to show where people have clicked. The report also tells you the most popular calls to action on all web pages. A/B testing creates opportunities for you to test two versions of your website against one another to gather user feedback.

4. Google Analytics : To Analyze your website and Audience

Screenshot of Google Analytics Dashboard
Google Analytics dashboard

Google Analytics is one of the most popular web tracking tools for analyzing your website, user behavior tracking, and behavior flow analysis. It includes customizable features, a user-friendly interface, and a respectable amount of basic information. The main advantage it has over other analytics tools is the large number of data points it collects. Integration with Google AdWords helps optimize SEO and track keywords.

Your website has a lot of click areas. You know that, but do your website users? Heatmaps are a great feature of Google Analytics that lets you see the exact percentage of people who click on any of the clickable areas of your website.

You can track all sorts of things like the number of sessions, the number of users, and how many screens your visitors explore while looking at your website. It's essential because setting up goals will allow you to track conversion rates for the actions you want your website visitors to take. It offers a better idea of what your customers are interested in rather than how many people visited your website.

5. Clicky: Analyze click data about any website

Screenshot of Clicky Dashboard
Clicky dashboard

Clicky serves as an excellent tool for website traffic analytics that provides in-depth information about your online visitors. Apart from easy installation and user-friendliness, it equips an intuitive dashboard facilitating websites' visitor and traffic analysis. The significant insight from Clicky data is that users use nested footers. Users look more into certain website areas (more clicks on this dimension) and click more often for a specific web page than others.

It is one of the best website tracking tools to generate website analytics that has a familiar layout and is favored by its creators. All the reports generated through Clicky are always up-to-date and highly detailed. It lets you record numerous seconds of click data about any website on the Internet. The data is then automatically analyzed to see how users move through different parts of your website and ultimately create logged behaviors. In addition to recording user clicks, this tool also tracks users' movement on your website and translates it into click density. To do this, Clicky identifies several dimensions:

  • Drag (click) area
  • Mouse (click) area
  • Clicks
  • Frames

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Significance of Using Website Analytics Tools

We all know that analysis of user data is essential when you combine your organic traffic analysis with the keywords you have already analyzed from the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. Users spend a lot of time on any given product page (or any web page). But users are still the best currency to measure how a website is performing and where your efforts are needed the most. Using such tools, you can analyze how users move from one page to another. This will help you determine if users stick to landing pages or bounce back to the search results.

Users' habits and behavior flow on mobile devices are drastically different from those on desktop. For instance, mobile is mainly used for browsing local stores (e.g., Amazon), social networking (e.g., Instagram), video sharing, checking for flight updates (e.g., Hipmunk), instant messaging, and Tasking systems, not for browsing products.

Moreover, users tend to perform tasks with one hand and check email on the couch rather than with the wheel or keyboard. With swiping functionality introduced in iOS5, people have gained the ability to browse directly through a website without visiting the product page.

Final Words

These best website tracking tools will help you analyze user behavior flow and their impact on the conversion rate. You will have to try them and find out which tool fits your needs the best.

There's a reason that these are the best website tracking tools for user analytics – these websites are the best user tracking platforms available. By tracking your website visitors and analyzing their behavior through the best website tracking tools you can collect insightful user data for product managers, business analysts, and marketers.

Interestingly, the combination of analytical tools is that users can be split automatically between different segments: download, visitors with and without credit card, those who have opened the payment popup, and so on. This is useful for understanding how users feel about your site and later problems when analyzing the organic results.

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Which tools can be used for tracking user Behaviour?

Some of the top tools to track user behaviour are Clicky, Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Hotjar, and, to name a few.

How do you track user behavior on a website?

You can track user behavior on a website by integrating user behavior analytical tool with your site and collecting, combining, and analyzing quantitative and qualitative user data to understand how users interact with a product or website.

Which tool specifically helps in understanding visitor behavior on the website? is one of the best user behavior analytical tool that offers a 360 degree view on all the relevant KPIs starting from page views to visitor information.

How tracking website visitors can help me?

Tracking website visitors can help you have a clear idea about the performance of your website and lets you optimize it further.

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