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Update date : 18 Nov 2021 | 5 Min Read

Generating B2B sales is a significant part of marketing that requires identifying and initiating potential customers' interests. It's the first and foremost step a business has to make before making a sale. Thus, pinning down and establishing potential interests, form the two key aspects of converting a lead into a customer. is a website visitor analytics software that simplifies this process by following two crucial steps:

  • Recognizing potential target customers by helping you find businesses interested in your offering, and,
  • Establishing an interest with the leads by helping you capture vital information from them.

Quality over quantity is the motto of generating effective B2B sales through While helps you continue your search for new potential customers, it also allows you to take care of the existing ones. Reaching out to potential leads and introducing your product is an outdated strategy. With the change in buyer behavior, helps you adapt by getting the right people to come to you.

Start Analyzing Your Website Visitors

Modern B2B software relies heavily on a well-structured and optimized website. Your website is one of the essential elements to generate interest in the products and services that you offer. And starts your journey to attract B2B sales from scratch by tracking your website visitors with a tracking code.

Change the Game With Real-time Chat

The real-time chat in allows you to interact with your current visitors and ask them right away the reason for their visit. A potential lead can come from any source. For the same reason, real-time chat is as effective for potential leads as for converted ones. is a B2B software for tracking visitors that helps you chat with them and ask them the right questions to gain valuable information. Additionally, it lets you track the recurring visitors and start your outreach campaigns explicitly designed for them.

According to Hubspot, at least 83% of customers prefer that brands engage with them through their website. In other words, while landing pages, signup forms, and products are essential – conversing through the website is a more powerful way of successful customer engagement. The user attention span is relatively short, so you have only 3 to 7 seconds in your hand to capture a visitor.

Qualify and Segment Your Leads

B2B firms often focus on sales lead generation instead of seeking qualified and genuinely interested ones. enables them to gain qualified and in-depth information about your potential leads. With valuable data and relevant touchpoints, it is easier to contact the leads at the right time. While the qualifying process can happen at any time in a marketing funnel, enables it before you even contact them.

The best part about signing up with for a free trial of 14 days is you get the first 100 leads free too! Size of the company, industry, revenue, location, page visits, number of views, and duration of a visit – are some key bits of information that provides. Moreover, you can also get a hold of the contact details of key decision-makers to help you decide to go forward with the lead or not.

Add Filters to Create Ideal Customer Profiles

Once you have decided on the right fit of the leads to approach with your offering, enables you to add specific filters and create personas and profiles for your buyers. The most significant part of qualifying leads is to know your target customers. And allows you to define them by adding filters like company size, industry, no. of employees, and locations.

Creating personas are crucial for a robust marketing strategy to enable targeting each persona specifically. With, you can get details of which pages your recurring visitors have visited and find their motivation and challenges. When you identify their pain points, use the real-time feature and contact them directly the next time they visit your website.

Track the Social Media Profiles of Decision-makers

Statistics show that approximately 75% of B2B buyers are influenced by social media information. Social media interaction doesn't guarantee you a sale, but it's an important marketing channel for sales lead generation. allows you to find the social and professional profiles of the decision-makers to track their social activity. Moreover, today's marketing is about building trust with your target customers and creating strong, long-lasting relationships.

Assign a Lead to Your Sales Team doesn't only let you identify, qualify, and segment your leads – it also enables you to take action. Once the leads enter the pipeline, allows you to assign a lead to a salesperson automatically. Thus, it aligns with the efforts of both the marketing and sales team. Even though the sales and marketing teams have different goals, helps them work towards a common goal of sales lead generation.

Get Detailed and Actionable Reports's dashboard works on Artificial Intelligence, with comprehensive data and concise reports of your visitors' behavior. The highly in-depth reports display what the visitors looked for on your website and whether they could reach the destination, i.e., making a purchase. With all the relevant data like page visits, duration, path, and times they visited – enables your teams to create the right pitches.

Access to the Highest Convertible Leads makes it convenient to sort out cold, warm, and hot leads. B2B businesses can take advantage of this feature by sorting out the highest conversion scope leads. Warm leads are critical for any business because they have already interacted with your website earlier. So, when they revisit your website, they can simply start up an instant chat with them and figure out what led them to abandon a page the first time.

Similarly, they can create a separate list for hot leads by gaining insightful data about their origins and the content they read. The data could be instrumental in creating a marketing campaign relevant to their specific challenges.

As a B2B software, enables tracking the entire customer lifecycle with built-in tools, integrations with CRM, identifying a prospective lead, and prioritizing leads with the highest potential. The base of lies in understanding your website visitors, their motivation, and their pain points to ensure marketing success. Start seeing your first 100 leads with, and generate better B2B sales.

Your ideal customer waiting to be discovered on your website.'s real-time chat and insight data will help you identify and engage your online visitor and convert them to highly qualified companies. Install our script and see it for yourself.
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