5 Steps to Identify Sales Opportunities with Real Time Insights Using Riyo.ai

Update date : 25 Nov 2021 | 5 Min Read

Quick Summary: Data is only valuable when interpreted correctly. Riyo.ai enables accessing the data that matters to improve your sales opportunities with real-time insights.

The three essential things that impact the customer experience are – better processes, effective workflows, and quick turnaround time. For both large and small B2B owners, identifying real-time data and easy access to such information is crucial for driving a robust sales strategy. Riyo.ai is a website visitor tracking and lead generation software that provides you with valuable data to enhance your b2b lead generation.

It all comes down to data and if the businesses are implementing it appropriately to hit their b2b sales targets. A dashboard where you can see and structure your data about your website visitors can play a significant role in both marketing and decision-making. This is where Riyo.ai comes in to help you identify the areas where you are at the top and the ones that need improvement.

Identifying and Measuring the Performance Tracking Metrics

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for tracking and measuring the sales opportunities are crucial aspects of a sales strategy. Riyo.ai enables business owners to fetch real-time data and helps them track and measure performance. Here's how Riyo.ai brings all the essential information in one place and leads you to the bottom of sales lead generation:

1. A Sound Management of Opportunities

A lead differs from an opportunity on their level of interest. In short, a lead might have an interest in your service, but a prospect is ready to do the business with you. Once a lead becomes a potential sales opportunity, it becomes critical to up your game. The efficacy of a sales process depends on sound opportunity management. Riyo.ai is a sales and marketing tool that helps you create an adequate data structure and reference points for converting opportunities into customers.

3. Get Real Time Insights to Identify Sales Opportunities

Tracking your sales process involves several stages. The first stage is to approach your leads based on their interests. The second stage starts when you connect with the people in a company having the authority to make decisions. Lastly, the third stage consists of closing a deal and maintaining your contact with them. As a marketing automation platform, Treak helps businesses in the most important, second stage while letting you access real time data insights and real time actionable insights. When connecting with the decision-making people, it's essential to contact them at the right time.

The real-time chat helps keep a pulse on interested visitors by consistently contacting them. Inquiring them at crucial touchpoints helps businesses figure out what it takes to move them through the stages. For every interaction, there are many concrete actions that you can take. Consequently, it makes the process of staying in contact even more significant.

4. Track Each Individual Lead to Improve the Scope

Riyo.ai Helps in Tracking Individual Leads to Create Personalized Sales Pitches

Riyo.ai has a streamlined process of tracking all the individual leads in front of you to identify sales opportunities easily. It comprises two valuable aspects that can track your interactions:

  • Hiding leads: You can hide leads that no longer serve the desired purpose.
  • Archiving leads: After interacting with a potential lead, you can archive it. This way, you can go back to the history of leads and gain valuable information to target new ones.

Your sales strategy needs a perspective that enables you to determine gaps in the process. Riyo.ai allows you to address them by helping you identify where you might be losing opportunities. Moreover, it assists in addressing the imbalance between the pitches given, and the sales carried out. A successful strategy is all about managing and understanding your deals before you close them for good. Riyo.ai helps you do exactly that so that you have ample idea about preparing how you approach them.

5. Get Visiting Details to Increase Sales Productivity

Closing the deal at the right time is an essential skill that every salesperson and marketer must hone for a successful selling process. The browsing behavior of a user is a critical metric to understand and requires constant tracking. There is a lot of time from closing a deal to selling a service.

Things can soon turn sour or there can be issues to identify sales opportunities if the decision-maker suddenly decides not to go ahead with your offering. It's a pretty common phenomenon when a prospect moves away from their original decision and starts looking for something else. Maybe they are not willing to take it seriously anymore, or they just changed their mind. Riyo.ai can help you see their browsing behavior by tracking their activity in terms of time spent and page views. If a prospect went back to a page again, you would know what the prospect is looking for.

6. Optimize the Website As Per User Interaction

To find out which of your website pages are performing the best and identify sales opportunities, Riyo.ai is excellent software. When your users stay for a longer period on a particular page, you know that the content on that page is valuable. Moreover, if that content gets you a sale, it is a clear sign that you need to keep delivering the same type of content. Hence, Riyo.ai enables you to invest more in better optimization of your site for search engines.

Riyo.ai Enables Data Interpretation and Automation for Overall Success

Data is the foundation of success for every small or big business. But Riyo.ai understands that it's the interpretation and implementation that matter the most. Hence, apart from providing valuable data on your leads, it also consists of automated lead assigning to the sales team as well as real time insights as well as real time data insights. Shaping a sales strategy is more about helping the dedicated people create a vision that convinces leads in making a decision.

Hence, even though data is more than sufficiently available, Riyo.ai enables you to access only the information that matters to your business. It is rightly said that misinterpreted data can break your business. The data is valuable only when the past behavior of your best customers, a robust business model, and the people work together.

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1. How does Riyo.ai identify sales opportunities?

Riyo.ai helps you identify sales opportunities by offering real-time insights, tracking individual leads, availing complete visiting details, and website optimization according to user interactions.

2. How to increase my sales using real time insights?

You can increase your sales by analyzing the real time insights, connecting with the relevant leads and prospects and finally by catering to their requirements to close a deal.

3. What more I can do with Riyo.ai?

Not only does Riyo.ai help you identify sales opportunities and convert them but also lets you enable data interpretation and automation for overall business success.

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