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Get Insights and Enhance Your Strategy

Welcome to Analyze, a powerful marketingsolution designed to help businesses and marketers analyze website traffic.

  • right check markUnderstand User Behavior
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  • right check markSet-up Heatmaps, and session recording
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Get Insights analyzes website visitors'patterns and provides insights

Features That Help Analyze Deeper

heatmap iconHeatmap

Click Scroll & Move Heatmap Heatmap is a website behavior analytics tool to enhance the user experience and maximize conversions leading to a more effective analysis of the user journey.

click scroll & move heatmap

Visualize User Engagement Analytics' website Heatmap toolallows you to analyze user engagementon your website visually by providinga color-coded representation of userinteractions.

 visualize user engagement

Optimize User Experience

Make data-driven decisions to optimizethe placement of essential elements,such as call-to-action buttons orcontent sections, by understandingwhich areas receive the most attention.

optimize user experience

Improve Content Strategy

Analyzing the Heatmap data concludewhich parts of your content receive themost engagement, identify popularsections, and tailor your contentstrategy to focus on what resonateswith your audience.

improve content strategy
session iconSession Recording

Records Complete User Journey Analytics Session recording tool captured the complete user journey allowing you to identify pain points, and take steps to eliminate them, improving your conversion rates.

records complete user journey

Get Actionable Insights

The session Recording feature capturesand replays user sessions, allowing youto understand better how visitorsinteract with your website and identifyareas of friction, user behaviorpatterns, and opportunities foroptimization.

get actionable insights

Identify Conversion Barriers

Session Recording helps uncoverpotential obstacles hinderingconversions. By observing how usersnavigate through your website, youcan identify pain points, confusingelements, or bottlenecks in the userflow.

 identify conversion barriers

Enhance UX Design

Evaluate the effectiveness of yourwebsite's design and layout. Byobserving user interactions, you can make informed decisions aboutimproving the user interface,enhancing navigation, and ensuring aseamless user experience.

enhance ux design
auto capture forms iconAuto-Capture Forms

Collect, Follow-up, Conversions

An efficient way to capture the companies is through auto-capture forms. No hassle of keeping track of the companies forms when Analyze captures and stores the companies data in a straightforward way.

auto capture forms

Streamline companies Generation

Auto-Capture Forms feature simplifiesthe companies generation process bysaving you time and effort. The featureensures that no potential companies slipthrough the cracks, enabling you tomanage and nurture your companieseffectively.

streamline companies generation

Reduce Manual Entry

Eliminate the need for manual dataentry by automating the formsubmission capture process. Thisreduces the risk of errors and allowsyour team to focus on more strategictasks, such as engaging with companiesand driving conversions.

reduce manual entry

Integrate with Your Workflow

Auto-Capture Forms integratesseamlessly with your marketingworkflow. The captured data can beeasily exported or integrated with yourCRM or email marketing tools, enablingyou to follow up with companies andpersonalize your communicationefficiently.

integrate with your workflow

Why Analyze

Improved & Detailed Analytics

Improve your website performance and companiesgeneration with detailed data from riyo.aiAnalyze. Easy to integrate and follows astraightforward approach to represent companiesdata.

Comprehensive Data Analysis Analytics offers comprehensive featuresthat provide deep insights into your website'sperformance, from Heatmap analysis to sessionrecording and visitor journey tracking.

Enhanced Decision-Making

The tool provides accurate and real-time datathat sheds light on user engagement,preferences, and conversion patterns to makedata-driven decisions backed by concreteevidence.

companies generation
Streamlined companies Generation

One of the key features of Analytics is theauto-capture forms functionality to streamlinethe companies generation process; Analyticssaves you time and effort, ensuring no potentialcompanies are missed.

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