A Step-by-Step Content Marketing Strategy Guide That Converts

Update date : 27 Jan 2022 | 7 Min Read

There are many content marketing applications, but most importantly, they can help you establish trust and rapport with your audience. Because trust and rapport build relationships, it's essential to nurture your relationship with your customers and prospects properly. So, it needs to direct only towards prospects through a proper content marketing guide.

Let's narrow it down and comprehend the answer to how to do content marketing and more.

For example, you might email your entire client base. How to create a marketing plan or how to create a content strategy? However, you need to understand your individual customer and show how your company supports them. It might not be appropriate for all content, but you will want to create and optimize that type of content consistently.

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A Six-step In-depth Content Marketing Strategy Guide

How to write marketing plan, precisely content marketing plan or how to build content strategy? Fractl performed a study in which 66% thought content marketing efforts should consist at least weekly, 59% thought at least monthly, and 48% thought at least quarterly. No matter what content type you choose, you need to have a goal in mind. Attach precise deadlines to it to ensure your content is producing results.

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to develop a content marketing strategy to help you kickstart your content marketing efforts or help with content marketing for beginners.

Step 1: How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy  by Defining Your Purpose

How to develop a content strategy? Marketers should always first define the business's purpose. It includes answering the following questions:

  • What does the company want to accomplish?
  • How long do you plan to run your business?
  • Who does this business serve?
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Your purpose and the reason you're creating content — should be considered the "why." When you identify why your content needs to be successful, you find ways to capitalize a theme, so you can generate more social shares, conversions, and clicks. Below are three content goals your business can have:

First, your purpose should be to promote trust and relationship building. This helps you generate more leads, purchases, or more repeat business.

Second, you should focus on creating more high-quality content - providing information that's valuable to your target audience. This establishes an authoritative brand that's respected and attractive to potential customers.

And third, your goal is to produce link-passing content. Content that attracts links increases a business' ranking in search engines, which can help it achieve higher rankings in the local and organic search engines.

Business goals should always be congruent with identifying your first touchpoint — the point when you interact with business owners. Since having educated clients is essential to achieving your goals, your methods should bolster your content marketing strategy. A great example would be to create a white paper that explains how to use Riyo.ai to track website visitors for your small business clients.

Step 2: Define your Target Audience

Once you have a clear purpose, you also need to identify the target audiences or people your business wants to convert. To find your target audience, you can use your company's social media channels to find active people like your co-workers, clients, and customers. However, it's essential to tailor your social media campaign toward your company's target audience. According to the State of Digital survey of 2,000 search marketers, most respondents desired more content publishing frequency.

While there isn't one absolutely correct frequency to publish, your first focus should be on the customers for every step of the publishing funnel. Understand your audience and how they consume information: what they search, consume, and buy. By improving your knowledge of your customers, you improve your ability to guess what they want and need accurately.

How can you make that a reality?

This is where the post frequency really comes into play. It would help if you had a plan of where and how often you're going to push the content out and link back to these pages and posts from your primary content areas. Suppose you want to develop a plan to optimize content for January 2022. After creating your plan, the first goal you want to hit on the highest volume platform is to build links.

The next questions to answer every quarter are:

  • Do people want this information?
  • How do web browsing habits lead them to this niche?
  • Are they actively searching for it via Google, etc.?

There are a lot of variables at play here, so if you can answer these questions ahead of time, you're going to have a far better chance of getting your desired results.

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Step 3: Help Visitors Find your Content

Content strategy is more than just creating great content. It helps you report your goals, create target audiences, and test content ideas to land the best marketing opportunities. But that's just the beginning of the process. The real magic you'll achieve with your content marketing strategy happens after you actually publish the content. According to HubSpot's State of Content Marketing 2021, 82% of marketers actively implement content marketing

Content is just a vehicle for getting people to your website. There are thousands of other things that trigger an interaction with content online. People need to be served: they need an answer or a demonstration. But you don't have to worry about catering to your visitors. They're busy chunking together information from a hundred different sources. Your job is to serve your audience by converting them.

Hence, it's advisable to optimize and expand the existing website content to build strong authority in your industry. When tweaking existing content, optimizing your existing pages, or creating new pieces, remember that nothing gets clicks faster than your own company vs. your competitor. Moreover, make sure these posts are consistent and relevant to your audience.

Step 4: Create Actionable Content to Attract Target Audience

Pretend you're a customer of a business that only sells cookies. You search for something related to cookies, but that's all you see. You try searching for other restaurants nearby, but that's all you get returned with. Hence, you need all the other Internet links that your business generates: all the places your customers discover your content. These links can guide them in the right direction with the correct information, and they also act as magnets for content discovery.

Every target audience has a face. Use your knowledge to be present where it truly matters — right there in the hands of the people looking for your product or service.

Market your company. Reach out to bloggers, social media sites, and sites your audience visits. Tell them what you do. Outreach doesn't have to be casual or once-over. It's not about responding to every email or comment like you (or your competitors) might.

Step 5: Decide the Frequency of Posting Content

Managing expectations for content marketing should usually be a two-pronged approach for beginning a content marketing strategy:

  • Create actionable content.
  • Capture the attention of your target market.

This approach aims to produce more potential leads while also covering your desired marketing objective, based on the principle of the 80/20 rule. By doubling down on your desired results, you can put out higher-quality content with higher revenue potential.

Creating "actionable" content means you can create content that delivers value — and that will generally appeal to your target audience. For example, if you want to market Bitcoin, providing value to meet the needs of your target audience is imperative. So, by creating helpful content like how to buy Bitcoin, how to invest in Bitcoin, and articles about Bitcoin news, you're providing value, but you're also creating attractive revenue possibilities.

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Step 6: Distribute Content for Engagement

You can't expect your content marketing plan or content marketing strategy guide to work if you don't have a consistent schedule. Your goal naturally becomes to create enough value to force the sharing, and conversion, so you have the opportunity to drive targeted leads back to your business and then monetize it. How you post is as important as the content itself. A frequent blog post, landing page banner, series of informative infographics - it depends on the goals of your business and the audience you're engaging.

Once you set those goals, you need to figure out how to reach them through a sales pitch and content pages. A sales-focused plan from the beginning is crucial because producing niche content can be a valuable channel that holds revenue.

Next, you need to decide when and where that content is going to come from. Most businesses want to publish content consistently. The highest percentage of people engage with content every month on the major social platforms. Hence, the more your audience engages with it, the better. Reaching your audience once and then forgetting about them can create inefficiency for your brand and lead to inconsistency.

The Final Words

By clearly stating what your business wants to accomplish and how your content will help you reach that objective, you limit your risk and ensure your execution is on-point. To execute a content production schedule most effectively, you may want to form a content roadmap and content marketing strategy guide. Ideally, it could be monthly or quarterly to show when you'll be launching specific new content types.

Riyo.ai can help you deliver valuable content and attract revenue, which will provide a foundation for your business. Then, if you want to move to more profitable content marketing, you can start experimenting with extensive features. In the long run, you can scale up your marketing or repurpose the content to meet the needs of your target audience by creating a content marketing strategy guide.


1. What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing refers to the process of establishing a long-term relationship with your target audience by providing them with relevant, high-quality information on a regular basis in the form of search engine optimized content.

2. Why Content Marketing is Important?

Content marketing is important in optimizing your whole website/digital presence, drive traffic, leads and conversion rates for your business.

3. What are the 6 Steps to Build Content marketing strategy?

The key 6 steps to build a content marketing strategy are - defining your purpose, defining target audience, making your content discoverable, creating actionable content, optimizing the content posting process and distributing the content through a proper strategy.

4. How Can Content Marketing Strategy be useful for B2B Businesses?

Content marketing strategy can help you with improving the brand presence for your B2B business, driving more site traffic, leads, and conversion.

5.How can Riyo.ai help you with your content marketing strategy?

Riyo.ai can help you deliver valuable content and increase revenue by offering a complete solution to analyze, craft, and improve your content marketing strategy.

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