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“It’s a specific story of why, what, and how somebody needs to change based on the problem they’re trying to solve in relation to a specific persona.”

In a content marketing conference, CEO of Marketing Interactions, Ardath Albee, stated the above words about personalized B2B marketing. And we totally agree with it.

Today, marketing is about getting up-close and personal with your prospects. B2B marketing still has to catch up with the B2C marketing done by giants like Amazon. However, businesses can learn a lot from the personalized marketing tactics of these platforms. That’s because both B2B and B2C marketing depends a lot on data.

How to increase marketing ROI? Anything that has a personal touch uniquely speaks to your prospects, and most importantly, solves a pain point – is a definite way to get closer to your potential leads. helps you do precisely that. It is the perfect software that today’s marketers need.

B2B and B2C Personalization

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Cutting Through the Noise Is Important

The primary challenge of personalized B2B marketing is, businesses need to find their target audience instead of catering to everyone or anyone while needing to boost ROI. If a message doesn’t address the right set of people, it loses its essence. And it can bring a lot of damage, especially to small and growing B2B companies. Personalized messages can lead to closing deals faster and hence, longer relationships too.

Personalized marketing can take a lot of resources, time, and a massive amount of data that isn't sorted, filtered and planned. Hence, an ideal consumer experience depends a lot on tailored messages, segmenting, and leveraging advanced technology to create proper touchpoints in a customer journey.

Personalized B2B Marketing is in Dire Need of Advanced Technology

The latest B2B personalized marketing report states that intelligent personalization software can boost profits by 15% because it can assess the user intent.

Type of user intent


The power of filtering, segmenting, and connecting with your leads – while they are on the move is something that’s still untapped to increase your ROI or increase ROI marketing. Real and long-lasting connections can be even powerful with real-time interactions with your visitors, exactly when they need you.

Let's take a scenario: A visitor lands on your site (from somewhere you don't know yet). They browse through two pages of your website that describe your services (you don't understand why they are on two different pages yet). Then the visitor tries to look for help with a subscription/trial for your service but doesn't get what they need. Hence, they leave the site without making a purchase.

Now, the visitor has the intent because they landed at your site. They also found something that might solve a pain point, which means your service has the potential to address that challenge. However, they are not yet convinced and contemplating their decision to go or not to go with it.

Can you see the challenge here?

In fact, about 81% of consumers expressly told that they want B2Bs to get to know them, figure out their needs, and the right time to approach them to increase ROI with marketing analytics

How to find the right time to approach your potential customers? By talking to them while they are looking for you. Leveraging real-time conversations can close conversions faster than ever. This is because the psychology of a human wants to feel needed and attention. And yet, they also don't want ANY attention that comes their way. Rather than jumping out randomly, they want businesses to reflect their intention and be relevant to their problems.

Real-time live chat is an interesting feature offered by that enables B2Bs to connect with their visitors while they are at your site. All they need is to switch on the real-time feature, and a list of current visitors would be on display. They can see their history of where they came from and what they are looking for. It's a great addition to their website for personalized marketing.

Websites Are the Most Preferred Form of Personalization

A 2020 report by Episerver stated that 93% of businesses saw an increase in their company revenues with a personalized website.

Personalization is the number one strategy for B2B companies and to build customer relations. And a formulated strategy can even exceed their revenues. The massive impact of personalized marketing also throws light on how personalization influences the users' decisions. Better customer relationships start from personal touches. And what's the most common channel these days to interact with users? It's the websites.

In B2B marketing, we can't rely on one-size-fits-all campaigns and need to understand the importance of building customer relationships as well. The key to success is to build personalized campaigns tailored to meet the needs of the individual — not just throw a bunch of ads at them with a "hope" it sticks. That's why to be successful in this business; you need to understand your target audience as well as you possibly can and reach them.

Commen Personalization Goals

Leveraging live-chat on websites can Make 84% of your Consumers feel like they are human, and not only a sales target.

Marketing is about broadcasting a message to many people while developing customer relationships to leverage the benefits of customer relationships and long term customer relationship. But when it comes to the sales experience, you're much more one-to-one with people. That's why personalization is so important. It earns people's trust and helps you create a sale. The best way to make your sales team understand this is to provide as much information as possible about prospects and leads on your website.

Software like can enable B2B companies to easily identify the people visiting your site and create a better experience for your visitors through B2B personalization or B2B web personalization. Moreover, it allows your salespeople to:

  • Solve your visitor’s queries when they are on your site through Real-time live chat.
  • Track your visitors, see their visiting history, and identify where they are from,
  • Help understand their time spans and where they came from,
  • Help create user profiles based on their location and segment the industries.

When you have contact information, you can do a demo or make a discovery call based on real interactions. This means that you can have a database full of relevant information from the contact's experience on your site. With the arsenal of this knowledge, you are better able to prepare for sales meetings and offer real value.

Real-Time Live Chat Can Act as a B2B Marketing Tool to Overcome Major B2B Personalized Marketing Challenges

A great way to serve up customer information in real-time is on-site chat. However, it's a waste of time and resources to chat with leads that don't fit your ideal customer profile. On-site chat provides an opportunity to interact with website visitors and provide the information they need, but it's worth noting you might not know who your best prospects are. With software like, you can identify the people who are actually able to have business with you. By extracting employee information and important persons, you can connect with them and personalize your messages accordingly.

  • Communicate with important people
  • Build better relationships with one-on-one chat sessions
  • Initiate real conversations
  • Address immediate needs of visitors
  • Help visitors attain a friendlier solution than just browsing

As mentioned in the beginning, B2B marketing doesn’t require much data. However, it still has its own set of challenges. Traditionally, B2B marketers have expressed some concerns with their ability to personalize their marketing. What’s the problem? According to Folloze, 42% of these professionals say their efforts are not fully personalized.

web visitor tracking

For the same reason, they feel that personalized B2B marketing is more demanding than B2C. And there are two crucial reasons for that:

  • B2C marketers find it easier to reach their prospects.
  • B2C marketers can access better data

Even though B2C personalized marketing is a lot ahead of B2B, it's simpler than the former. The major reason behind that is, unlike B2C, B2B requires only tiny bits of data.

B2B personalized marketing can achieve tremendous success with a small amount of your prospect’s data coupled with relevant insights into your prospect's industry.

Let us dive deep into the following strategies that don’t need B2B companies to extract a lot of data and can help solve such challenges for B2B companies.

B2B Data Personalization Strategies Can Lead To so Much More Than Just Making a Sale

Let’s start with an important statistic.

Around 92% of marketers have experienced instances where they found out that potential customers look forward to personalized marketing.

And what happens when you deliver on those expectations? Your sales pipeline gets fuller, you close more deals, and your conversion rates soar. Personalizing your sales practices should be a no-brainer. Not only is it good for you, but it's also suitable for your customer! There are many ways to increase the value of your services and products:

  1. Distinguish yourself by developing a personalized approach
  2. Establish your credibility
  3. Becoming an advisor who your audience can trust
  4. Ease in creating up-sells and renewals
  5. Achieve a consistent stream of revenues

Segmentation and Identification

Before you start targeting your audience and adopt personalization in B2B marketing and B2B marketing tool, you need to make some decisions about segmenting your target audience. Not everyone is looking for what you want, and not everyone is your prospective buyer. Hence, it's vital to keep your focus on top industry segments and find the major differences between them and others.

Certain things that help distinguish a target segment are: industry, size of the company, type of business, location. You can also differentiate based on demographics such as job title and page views, content downloads, user journeys, and brand interactions.

Marketing Segmentation

Signup Forms to Nurture Leads

Curating personalized emails is one of the most nurturing ways to keep leads interested and engaged. A great strategy to get started is to create lead-specific signup forms with crucial information to get them interested in demos, e-books, white papers, and so on.

B2B companies can benefit from’s feature of extracting key information like location, size of the company, type of business, and most importantly, important persons. Additionally, they can also find social profiles to create personalized emails and signup forms catering to their specific region. It helps figure out a prospective industry's challenges and helps create a connection between visitors by solving a particular challenge.

Have you ever read a story about how another company struggled with something your company is struggling with, too? They can project themselves into the story and are eager to find out what happened next. Sometimes, just a dash of data, a relevant industry insight, combined with a good story, will do what is required.

People are always looking to be touched by brands through personalized B2B marketing. One way to create more contact is to encourage your leads to read more of your content as a part of personalized . This allows you to build rapport and get them comfortable with your brand, while also demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. If a visitor comes across your blog through search engines, they would only read one helpful article.

However, you direct them to other posts on your blog; they would be able to get help with what they're looking for and be more exposed to your brand. To suggest related content is as simple as just adding a link. You can give your customers a more personalized experience while also increasing the chances of converting with just one small step.

The Final Words: Personalized Effective Communication with Visitors Generate Quality Leads

Know your customers better by building these relationships early on through personalized B2B marketing. You'll see the difference in quality and conversion rates. It's one of your biggest priorities if you're a small, growing B2B company. To create awareness and demand where it doesn't yet exist, you're going to need to do more than drive traffic and siphon leads. You need to provide valuable education about your product or service benefits. is here to your rescue. Start personalizing your marketing strategies that directly speak to your intended user base. Find their pain points and objectives, track their time spans, and connect with them on a real-time basis. Don't settle for bland and generic content. Combine technology and critical insights to ensure you close that deal right here, right now!

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1. How to increase marketing ROI?

You can increase your marketing ROI by using the top strategies like high level of personalization, improved customer engagement and relationships, and audience identification and segmentation, to name a few.

2. What is the importance of building customer relationships?

Building customer relationships is pivotal to improve customer engagement, customer lifecycle value, retention rate and hence boost the overall ROI of your business.

3. What is the best B2B marketing tool? is one of its kind of B2B marketing tool that helps you apply and restrategise your B2B solutions through complete analysis and plan crafting.

4. What is B2B personalization?

B2B personalization refers to the process of customising your advertising, offerings, and communication efforts to meet the demands of the B2B customers.

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