Save time by gettinginstant website visitor alert

With’s custom website visitor notifications you can greatly increase your chances of converting companies into customers by getting notified as soon as a visitor accesses your website.

Get instant website visitor notification

Missing Out on Potential companies Because You Are Offline? WorryNo More,’s Website Visitor Alerts Can Help You

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You can choose when you wish to get notified

Not all notifications are important. With’s custom notification feature you can decide when and how you want to get notified

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Assign roles to your team members

By integrating’s custom notification with email or Slack you can decide which team member would you want to get notified when a particular visitor visits the website

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Easy setup’s custom notification feature is easy to install and extremely user friendly

Integrate’s customnotification feature withtools you already use

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Why’s custom notification feature isuseful to you and your team

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Add filters that make your task easy’s custom notification enables you to add filters so that you can shortlist companies as per your requirements
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Quick turnaround

Initiating a chat with a potential customer leaves a positive impact. With’s custom notification feature you can connect with companies quickly and efficiently

Here are three other tools thatyou can benefit from with’s plan

Each tool is resourceful and helpful in generating potential companies for your business

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B2B companies Generation

Track your website visitors and convert them into potential companies

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Chat with your potential companies on real-time basis and convert them into customers

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Understand in detail where your website visitors click, move and scroll

Here’s how your Sales & Marketing Team

can get maximize their benefits with’s live chat software

“Stay ahead of your competitors with’s custom notification feature. Your team can immediately contact a potential companies and convert them into a resourceful customer”

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Custom notifications are sent on Slack as well as on email
Included in the plan
Not available or as add-on
Frequency of data updates
Close to realtime
Patch update
Real Time Notification
Only email notification
CRM integrations
Starting at $29 USD per month
Starting at $63 USD per month
Free trial
Email reports
Export lists
# of users
# of websites

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Here we are to answer all your questions regarding why is the best B2B companies Generation Tool for your business

Setting up’s custom notification feature is extremely easy and convenient.
With’s custom notification feature you can decide when you want to get notified, you can also assign designated team members specific roles so as to initiate chat with the companies when they are online. This will eventually increase your websites companies to customer conversion.
You can decide which team member you want to notify when a potential companies visits your website. You can also get email and Slack notifications using’s custom notification feature.
Yes, gives you the opportunity to filter companies based on the customization that you set.
The sales team gets notified when a particular companies or companies from a particular industry visits your website. This helps them in initiating chat with the companies and converting them into customers.
Agencies and marketers can customize campaigns as per the reports that are procured from the custom notification feature
With you can integrate the following CRM platforms Pipedrive, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics 365, WebCRM