5 Best Sitegpt Alternatives (Comparison 2023)

Update date : 19 Jun 2023 | 5 Min Read

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The demand for advanced artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools is rising in today's digital age. These tools greatly assist companies, customer support teams, and marketers looking to create compelling and engaging user experiences more efficiently. SiteGPT has been a popular AI live chat tool, but exploring alternatives that can provide similar or even better features is always good.

This article will delve into the top 5  SiteGPT alternatives and discover their unique offerings.

Live Chat with AI Integration

Live chat tools have been around for a while, but they've always needed more functionality.

Now, with AI integration, live chat tools are becoming more than just a support channel—they're becoming an important part of your business's customer experience.

Live chat tools can engage customers on any channel they choose: email, text message, social media—even voice calls! The more channels you can use to engage customers, the more responsive your business will be to them. In addition to responding immediately to questions from all sources, you'll also be able to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to ensure that you're responding in ways that will most likely help solve a customer's problem immediately.

All of this means that when it comes down to it—when a customer has a question or problem—you'll be able to help them without having them wait around on hold any longer than needed. This is the era of Artificial intelligence, and introducing such advanced software into your business arsenal will boost your sales and help expand your business.

Best SiteGPT Alternatives for 2023

1) NeuraFlash

Screenshot of Neuraflesh live chat tool: SiteGPT Alternative

Neuraflesh is a leading AI tool and one of the best SiteGPT alternative. This proves to be an ultimate ISV partner of Salesforce, focusing on delivering top customer support to transform their businesses with AI-Powered Experiences Built on Salesforce. Companies are looking for simple chat solutions to drive conversational engagement for their sales and marketing teams on their websites. NeuraFlash's Chat Bot enables support teams to quickly integrate a conversational chatbot on their website and start handling Cases.

2) Alterra

Screenshot of Alterra live chat tool: SiteGPT Alternative

Alterra is another SiteGPT alternative, an advanced live chat tool powered by Artificial Intelligence that is ideal for web-based businesses and enterprises. With Alterra's virtual assistant systems, your customers can receive real-time support, fostering a stronger connection between them and your business. By keeping your customers engaged, you can increase website traffic and ultimately drive more sales.

This software seamlessly integrates with your website, enhancing its professionalism and interactivity. It also has the added benefits of improving customer retention, boosting sales, and automating basic customer support and Q&A. Its Deep Natural Language Processing engine transforms natural language inquiries and instructions into formal queries that the machine can understand.

The software also automatically learns and improves through interactions, enabling it to provide answers on supported Omni-Channel platforms. With features like Alterra Answers, NLP engine, Alterra Travel, and deep learning, Alterra leads the industry and is the perfect choice for most growing businesses.

3) riyo.ai: Connect

Screenshot of Traek live chat tool: SiteGPT Alternative

The Live Chat tool is a highly sought-after feature on websites, but it can be challenging to master, particularly for beginners. riyo.ai is a user-friendly live chat tool that can be used on any website to assist you in achieving your objectives. It has been designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to use even without prior experience with this type of technology. Moreover, the AI integration is the cherry on the top, making it an advanced live chat tool

riyo.ai has many benefits over other live chat tools, such as SiteGPT and other similar products on the market today:

  1. Free Trial: Before committing to a subscription plan or purchasing it outright, you can test riyo.ai for free with a 14-day trial period.
  2. AI Integration: This live chat tool is integrated with GPT, which allows one to access website data and use it to answer customer inquiries. If there is a particularly difficult question, it will transfer to a human agent for assistance.
  3. Customizable: If you want to make changes to how your live chat function works, then there are no limits on what you can do with riyo.ai – this means that there is no limit on how much money you can save by using it instead of another live chat tool out there today!
  4. Easy to Integrate: Integrating the riyo.ai live chat tool with your website is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes. The steps are easy to follow, even for non-tech individuals. To integrate riyo.ai, copy and paste its script into your website - no complex coding required.

riyo.ai has powerful features that allow you to automate your marketing efforts without breaking the bank. riyo.ai's AI chatbot for the website enables intelligent user interaction

4) MobileMonkey

Screenshot of MobileMonkey live chat tool: SiteGPT Alternative

MobileMonkey is a sophisticated messaging platform designed to assist businesses with marketing and customer support. It provides instant chat services through Messenger, native webchat, and SMS. The platform's multi-channel chatbots, powered by OmniChat technology, automatically qualify leads, engage customers, and turn them into clients. OmniChat Bots are integrated and available 24/7 on Facebook's 2.3 billion user profiles, native web chat, and SMS messaging. This feature helps attract the maximum number of customers to users' stores.

Additionally, the solution offers built-in chatbot tools such as chat blaster, builder, analytics, integrations, and chat drip campaigns. With the help of technology, marketers can create a chatbot funnel that can work seamlessly across various messaging platforms. MobileMonkey further empowers marketers to replicate successful marketing funnels for multiple clients, thereby expanding their service offerings.

By integrating with CRM, event platforms, email, and other tools, the platform enhances engagement and reduces lead generation costs. Additionally, users can conveniently view and respond to incoming conversations from leads and customers in a single location. one place.

Looking for a powerful live chat tool to engage with potential customers and generate high-quality leads?

Look no further than riyo.ai! riyo.ai gives you the tools you need to turn those engagements into qualified leads and ultimately increase your revenue.

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5) V-Person

Screenshot of V-Person live chat tool: SiteGPT Alternative

Creative Virtual's V-Person is a conversational platform that helps businesses engage with their customers and employees. This chatbot can work on web, mobile, messaging apps, and IVR channels. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to support over 35 languages, ensuring reliable and continuous improvement. With the ability to customize channels and automate workflows, teams can collaborate seamlessly.


One of the best things about live chat is that it can be integrated into any platform or application—even ones not designed specifically for customer support, like Salesforce! So if you use something like Slack or Google Hangouts, you can easily add live chat functionality without making any changes.

However, if you don't have those options available or want something with more customization options than just text messages, then AI integration is probably what you need.

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