A Complete Features List of Sales And Marketing Tool riyo.ai

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Complete Features List of Sales And Marketing Tool Traek

Let’s be honest for a moment, lead generation can be a lot of work. For many companies, it’s an uphill battle from where there is rarely any glory. But what if this wasn’t the case? What if it could be easier?

Imagine leveraging your website traffic instead of going on a wild lead chase. Thousands of people visit your website every month. It’s only natural to wonder who they are and what they’re looking for. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to get more information about them?

Imagine if you could qualify every single visitor on your website even if they didn't end up filling out your lead magnet form. Hold on! Is that even possible? Yes.  Wouldn’t that give you a boost in conversions and generate more sales? You betcha!

And just like that, your prayers were heard, and a super cool tool took birth. Say hello to riyo.ai!

What’s riyo.ai?

riyo.ai is a sales and marketing tool that identifies real time users visiting your website. It helps you connect with decision-makers in your target companies thanks to its real time website visitor tracking and its uber useful real time chat support that in turn converts visitors into high-quality leads.

Think of it as a robust sales and marketing solution that simplifies the lead generation process to better equip B2B marketers and sales teams with lead capturing.

Understanding the Many Useful Features of riyo.ai

Let’s take a look at the 12 best features to take advantage of in our website tracking tool. Here they are:

1. Real Time Website Traffic Monitoring

Your website visitors are a goldmine of potential leads. But what good it is if none of these leads generate sales? If you’re tired of losing sleep over lost leads, and if you want to stop wasting time and money on traffic that doesn't convert, then our sales and marketing tool, riyo.ai can help.

✅Identify organizations who visited your website

✅Number of pages visited and time spent on each page.

✅The location and address of those visitors

✅The work address, company, social media handles & location of the visitors.

✅Identify web technologies currently being used on their site.

Screenshot of how Traek's Real Time Website Traffic Monitoring Feature works

Having your hands on such key information can prove to be a total game changer for your sales team. But while knowledge is power, taking action is empowering. Take matters into your own hands by connecting with organizations that exactly match your ideal customer profile.

Instead of waiting for them to reach out to you, take a rather proactive approach to reach out to them with a custom solution made exclusively for their business. This not only strikes a very good first impression on the organization but also displays your commitment and the level of personalization you can offer.

2. Get Real Time Notifications

Are you confident that your company is handling potential customer queries efficiently? Do you think your sales team reaches out to them at the right time?

You’ll be surprised at how quickly a lead turns cold if you’re too slow at following up with them. Our sales and marketing tool will notify you instantly when your ideal customer profile visits your website.

Screenshot of How Traek's Real Time Notification feature works with slack Integration

3. Keep An Eye On Priority Leads Using riyo.ai

Out of the many leads who visit your website, there must be a certain few with whom you would want to engage in business. It’s best to strike a conversation while the iron is hot a.k.a when they’re active on your website. Be on the lookout for your priority leads and make sure you don't miss them when they visit your site. You can turn on Slack or Email to get an instant notification whenever the lead comes in.

Utilize riyo.ai’s live website chat feature to connect with them instantly. Read more about this below.

Screenshot showing three leads detected using traek with data such as country, visit date and time, last page visited, page views, and total time spent on website

4. Archive Irrelevant Leads

Just like prioritizing important leads, you can also archive leads that don't mean business. With a simple click, you can archive visitors that you won’t consider as potential leads. This feature is great for keeping your list clean and organized so you can focus your attention on the vital leads that matter.

Screenshot showing how the user can Archive Irrelevant Leads

6. Filter Leads As Per Your Preference

Your website might encounter thousands of visitors on a daily basis, but not all of them are your potential leads. Riyo.ai lets you create your own filters to define what a quality lead is for your business. Filters help you get to the really good leads more quickly. It removes duplicate visits, bot behavior, and spammy visitors to give you a list of people who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

By segmenting and sorting leads according to company, industry, location, and interests you get access to high-quality leads who have better potential to convert.

It’s time to start spending more time and resources on your target customers. Add or create your own filters to see only the people who are most likely to convert.

Screenshot showing how the user can filter leads on the basis of company, country, assignee, and pages

7. Convert Cold Leads Into Hot Deals With Real Time Chat Feature

Hate cold calling? You’ll love riyo.ai. Reach out to the right decision-maker at the right time. Leverage real-time chat to find out which page they are currently browsing and which services they are looking for. Get notified instantly when visitors are chatting in real time.

Learn which pages they are currently browsing and where they're coming from. With no delays and increased conversions, you can drive more activity, increase revenue, and grow with ease.

Real time chat, also called live chat, keeps you ahead of the game, so you can upsell to new customers and provide a great customer experience. Start conversations to increase conversions with real time chat!

Screenshot showing how Traek’s Real Time Chat feature works

Chat is a powerful tool that you can use to engage and delight your customers, as well as to track their journey on your site. But did you know there are two types of chatbots available? That’s right, it’s a battle between live chat vs chatbot. The difference between chatbot and live chat is quite simple.

The chatbot is an automated response generator that answers specific queries fed to the system, whereas a live chat is an online customer service system that is operated by human agents in real-time.

Interested to know which of the two is effective in delivering a better customer experience? We have covered a detailed comparison between them in our blog about Chatbot vs Live Chat.

Screenshot showing Traek’s real time website visitor tracking with the option to initiate a real time chat then and there

8. Forms Tracking Solution

Have you ever faced difficulty in knowing how efficient your marketing strategies are? The solution for measuring the performance of your marketing campaigns is through our forms tracking feature.

Don’t miss out on the best leads or customers because you were too busy tracking your marketing forms in Excel. This is why we have developed a solution that empowers you to assess your performance in real time. You will be able to see a 360-degree view of your marketing campaigns such as lead generation forms, lead magnets, subscriptions to discounted services/solutions & others over a chosen period of time.

riyo.ai’s forms tracking feature will help you find out how much each form submission impacted your business growth over a chosen period of time, thus being able to better optimize your strategies. Not only that but also enable you to generate reports and metrics based on meaningful data points like new users, returning users and subscribers, etc.

Screenshot of Traek’s form tracking feature displaying the total number of forms submitted

9. Create Custom Feed

Create custom feeds to get timely notifications when your industry/company-specific lead comes to your site. Our customized feeds are very flexible, and you can create them to track all the leads that fall under your industry or job title. By creating your custom feed, you can automatically be notified when a relevant lead comes to your site. You can then start a conversation with that user, from start to finish in a very short amount of time. Get results of your desired category only.

Screenshot showing Traek’s custom feed feature with data such as feed name, filters, and country

10. Boost Conversions with Multi-Format Elements

Ever wanted to maximize the potential of your website? When visitors land on your page, they want to quickly get to where they need to go. Our multi-faceted, easy-to-use elements like modals, bars, and sliders increase the conversion rate by providing visitors with a sophisticated and compelling experience.

They are instrumental in driving traffic to special offers, discounts, and sales pages through targeted branding on your website. Elements help you can easily boost traffic to specific parts of your website and increase conversions, sales, and profitability.

Screenshot showing Traek’s Element feature

11. Identify Technology On Website

Discover the technical details of a lead’s website before you can communicate with them. Use our powerful technology lookup tool to find out about your lead’s website, learn how they use their technology stack, and contact them to make sure your conversations are more productive. With this feature, you get access to information such as:

✅Visitor's website technology

✅Visitor’s type of device and browser

✅Social media links

✅Communication history, and frequency of a visitor

Screenshot showing Traek’s technology lookup feature that identify technology on website

With riyo.ai’s technology lookup feature, you can also discover what technologies are behind your competitors’ websites and make sure you’re not missing anything important.

12. Improve Your Website Traffic With Our Market-Driven Analytics

Our market-driven analytics helps you better understand how your website visitors interact with your website, allowing you to take data-driven decisions. We track key site statistics and audience behavior on a real-time basis so that you can identify specific problems and optimize the performance of your business on Google, Facebook, and other major platforms. Gain complete visibility over your website users whilst ensuring 100% compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and other regulations.

Screenshot highlighting Traek’s analytics features that help users in improving website traffic

13. A Comprehensive Dashboard to Keep Track of Everything

Get a complete view of your site traffic, each day. Get metrics for an exact number of visitors and average daily visitors. View which pages are most popular, which referrers are leading to you, and where your leads are coming from.

Analyze the exact number of total leads and average daily leads which your site is attracting for a given time frame. Leverage this data to craft marketing campaigns that are more relevant to your target users.

Screenshot showing Traek’s dashboard with data such as total leads, daily average leads, top countries, and top pages

How to Install riyo.ai?

riyo.ai's unique tracking code does all the heavy lifting. This tiny piece of code once installed on your website can do big wonders. It pulls in information about who visits your site and what they do when they arrive. Riyo.ai then uses its proprietary database to determine where a company or individual works and what industry they are in.

Stop Worrying, Start riyo.ai-ing

Setting up your riyo.ai account is pretty simple. All you need is to set up a FREE account by adding a unique tracking script to your website. This would be the address for getting your leads through Riyo.ai. You can also add more than one tracking script for multiple websites.

The free trial starts with a minimum of 100 leads. After the trial ends, you can get your first 30 leads for free and pay only 1 USD for every subsequent 15 leads.

Ready to experience the tactical power of riyo.ai?

Start your 30-day FREE trial today!


Is riyo.ai a sales tool or a marketing tool?

Good things come in pairs. riyo.ai is both a sales and marketing tool useful for B2B lead generation. It identifies real time users visiting your website and helps you connect with decision-makers in your target companies.

Who can use our sales and marketing tool?

Just as its name suggests. riyo.ai, our sales, and marketing tool can be used by members of the sales and marketing team for identifying website visitors, simplifying the lead generation process, and to generate sales.

What are some of the most useful features riyo.ai provides?

riyo.ai is a smart tracking tool that identifies companies visiting your website thanks to its many useful features such as real time website traffic monitoring and real time chat.

How easy can my lead generation process be with riyo.ai?

riyo.ai optimizes the lead funnel and influences the entire customer journey thereby converting high-quality leads and simplifying the lead generation process to a great extent.

How can I set up riyo.ai on my website?

All you need is to set up a free account by adding a unique tracking script to your website. Once the script is installed, riyo.ai does all the work for you!

Your ideal customer waiting to be discovered on your website.
riyo.ai's real-time chat and insight data will help you identify and engage your online visitor and convert them to highly qualified companies. Install our script and see it for yourself.
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