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Finding the right decision-maker to sell your service might look challenging, but it can become simple with a A lead generation software enables small B2B business owners to direct a prospect's commitment where it should. It can often become annoying when a marketer or salesperson is on their way to closing a deal and realize the candidate has no decision-making power.

Identifying website visitors holds high significance because all of your efforts might be lost if you don't sell your services to the right person. Hence, it's not advisable to waste time when it's highly possible that resources would be a waste. The challenge is identifying the people with purchasing power in a company is not as simple as looking for job titles.

If you want to discover the right decision-makers by  their user activity, sign up with which is a free lead generation tool.

The Difference Between Traditional Methods and

Traditional methods of finding the decision-making people involve simply searching for their job titles. For example, you are working on lead generation for IT companies, and you want to sell software development services. Your primary target would be CTOs who have the power to make decisions on buying new technology or hiring a development company. However, it can also land at a dead-end where:

  • The job titles might vary according to the company sizes. Startups and small businesses might not even have a CTO.
  • You filter out these job titles, which might put you in the backseat of finding viable decision-makers. Companies that don't have a CTO won't show up, and you might risk reaching out to potential target customer bases.

An effective lead generation software can solve these problems using advanced AI, filtering, and automated assigning the most potent leads to salespeople  . With Riyo, you would realize that the right people were already coming to your site you were just not sure how they looked like.

How to Close a Sales Deal With Riyo

Many marketers and salespeople spend so much time searching for qualified leads because they are unsure who they are looking for. They might have a target base, but they don't have a target profile or ideal persona.

Traek enables you to track your visitors' user activity and behavior in terms of page views, time spent, from where they came, pages they visited, and when they left.

Traek Leads Information
Traek Leads Information

Build Buyer Profiles

The tracking of such activities is of excellent assistance to begin developing customer profiles. Apart from being a key component of the entire marketing and sales process, personas are extremely valuable to map out the customer journey. And when there is access to data, it becomes easy to identify the people you want to approach.

When you study the website visitor tracking map from the beginning, the search becomes a lot more centered. Additionally, it gives you ample scope and time to understand your potential leads. It also makes you wary of staying away from scrolling through the wrong leads and instead of preparing yourself to sell to the right people.

Traek - User Activity Log

Set Filters by Size and Industry

Now that you have developed buyer personas, you have also managed to zero in on the people you want to approach. Consequently, you can cross all the people who don't fit into your defined categories. When you know the leads you need to eliminate, you can narrow your search by adding filters accordingly. Traek, the most effective b2b lead generation software enables you to turn on the filters based on the industry, size of the company, and revenue. Here's how these filters can help you find the right decision-makers:

  • You can filter your leads based on job titles and duties.
  • You can identify the work tenures of the decision-makers.
  • You can find out the type of decision-maker: Are they the final decision-maker who sign the paperwork, or are they here for research and pass the decision along to someone else?
  • You can find out the pages they visited, how long they stayed, and how they interacted with your website and marketing campaigns.

Use Archived Lead History to Prepare Outreach

Marketers and salespeople need to understand that B2B selling can never be about only one ideal profile that fits all your target bases. Job titles and company sizes play a huge role in defining these profiles. Hence, it is crucial to keep looking at the common links to arrive at a picture that tells you about your typical decision-maker.

It can become the foundation for building your next persona. Additionally, looking at your existing customers makes it easier to find more people like that in different companies. The profile strength and completion are directly proportional to achieving success in building an outreach campaign.

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Leverage Real-time Chat

The two vital elements that make a qualified lead are – their fitness to the buyer profile and engagement level during their journey. It's not enough to attract new business; you also need to nurture it. The more your leads request demos, details, and help with pricing, the more interest they show in your brand. However, generating leads is not enough. You must take care of leads that aren't quite ready to buy just yet.

It's always a good idea to ask your sales team about the reasons why some leads couldn't qualify. If the prospects revisit your site, you can leverage the benefits of Traek's real-time chat and ask them if they can solve a problem they might be facing.

The Bottom Line

When you first start out with a company, finding the right person to talk to can be difficult. But in 2021, businesses should avoid the hassle of manually looking for contact information by using the right approach and the best sales tools possible. By starting out with detailed pictures of your target contacts and utilizing the best prospecting tools available, you can be more efficient in your search.

With all the data and insights, it's useless without effective lead generation software. It's essential to identify visitors, track their browsing behavior, and connect with them on the spot. A key difference in Traek is that you can connect with visitors who are currently on your website. Start tracking with Traek with a 30-day free trial.

Your ideal customer waiting to be discovered on your website.'s real-time chat and insight data will help you identify and engage your online visitor and convert them to highly qualified companies. Install our script and see it for yourself.
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