How to use with Google Tag Manager?

Update date : 22 Feb 2022 | 2 Min Read

Let's help you connect your Google Tag Manager(GTM) with

  1. The first step for you would be obtain a script which you can post on your website's backend. While completing your signup, you will be asked to enter your website URL. Please enter your website's name and URL to continue.

    If you are already using with an existing website(property), please add a new property from top right side on your dashboard.

2. After entering the website URL, please proceed to the next steps till you get a script to paste on your website. Copy this script to clipboard.

Once you have completed the signup process, please follow these steps-

  1. Log into your Google Tag Manager and click on "Tags"
  2. Add a new Tag.

3. Click on Configure and Rename the Tab

4. Click on Choose Type and select "Custom HTML Tag"

5. Paste the script provided to you by in the HTML box and then client triggering.

6. Set Triggering and click on "all pages"

7. Click on SAVE, SUBMIT and PUBLISH one by one.

Now you are all set with and GTM. You will start getting results shortly.

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