How to Qualify and Prioritize Your Leads

Update date : 9 Aug 2023 | 4 Min Read

Leads are an undeniable aspect of any business. Sales teams strive to achieve a sales funnel full of leads and prospects. The sales team generates insufficient lead lists following the right outbound sales strategy. From the pile of leads, picking suitable potential leads is essential to getting conversions.

"Lead prioritization is the method of qualifying leads and identifying the potential leads to emphasize your efforts accordingly to get maximum conversions."

Effective lead prioritization incorporates a few essential factors, including customer personas, purchasing patterns within your potential market, urgency, and more. This is crucial due to the abundance of leads and prospects available.

A report by MarketingSherpa states that approx 79% of leads never convert to sales opportunities. And hence the efforts invested into them go in vain.

5 Tips to Qualify and Prioritize Your Leads

The main effort of the sales team goes into generating leads and then following up with the leads to get the conversions. But with my experience with the sales development and marketing teams, the most consistent and surprising gap is in their lead prioritization process.

The disconnection between the data generated and how the team managed the leads data causes the evasion.

According to a survey by Implicit Insights, failing to prioritize leads from the gathered data results in an even smaller amount of conversions, with just 13% of leads converting to opportunities.

1. Begin With The Ongoing Inbound Leads

"Try to be content and thankful," you could have heard this adage. This way, start with the outline of inbound leads you can grasp. Individuals who've previously visited your page and have shown interest by buying a free preliminary or performing different activities are the principal possibilities to interact with.

These leads are quickly created since they have shown that the item would be ideal for their organization. References and associations made through virtual entertainment are different kinds of inbound leads. Sales reps should reach out immediately, assuming the possibility has shown interest in some structure.

2. Up-Offering To Existing Clients

Offering an upsell to your current clients is an extraordinary strategy to ponder during lead prioritization. A sales rep might use an upsell strategy to convince clients to buy new items, redesigns, or other additional items to accomplish a more beneficial deal.

It's much easier to upsell a client who has previously paid for an item from your organization than to settle on an excellent decision to a pristine possibility and begin again without any preparation. Attempting to address a client's concern is competent to offer a strong upsell. Assuming they buy programming, give them a yearly membership markdown or premium help. By proceeding to provide excellent advantages to clients, you will ensure a profound association and income development.

3. Work On Lead Source

We've become excellent at focusing on because of the wellspring of the leads. When differentiated from other lead obtaining, we've seen that our most joyful and dedicated clients prescribe us to their companions and associates. Alluded possibilities are more mindful of our items and have more certain insights.

Moreover, because they've proactively experienced them, existing clients are better ready to connect with your new possibilities' difficulties and touchpoints than you do. Monitor the wellsprings of your clients and their fulfillment over time. As such, you can further develop, generally speaking, lead scoring and gain a more prominent perception of which possibilities need your consideration.

4. Use Capability to Focus on Leads

Not all possibilities or leads are similarly addressed, whether inbound or outbound. You may know from related knowledge that a few areas, organizations, contacts, and concerns match you well and are easier to pitch than others.

Along these lines, each new lead that enters your deals prospecting cycle ought to be qualified. Top sales reps use lead qualifying to design their deals calling technique.

Here are the three primary inquiries to be posed during a deals call:

  • What is the possibility's title?
  • What is their business or organization do?
  • What are their concerns and needs?

5. Utilize Fit Over Interest, FIFO Approach

A lead whose necessity and your item are an ideal fit ought to constantly outweigh a lead intrigued by your item or administration regarding fit and intrigue. As a rule, we focus on drives that fit the most over those that show the most interest.

Even though leads might accept what your business does is the best thing ever, they still need to consider you to be the answer to their issues. You'll see higher turnover rates assuming you join drives whose interests outperform fit. FIFO Approach is only "earliest in, earliest out." Utilizing it to interface with deal leads is very successful. Connect with expected leads when you get their contact data.


Conversions are generally a game, yet you're left with just a set number of hours in the day. This calls for you to use sound judgment regarding the possibilities or leads you to commit your work to find. A long objective possibility list is helpful, be that as it may; without focusing on it, its worth considerably diminishes. This way, pay attention to a phenomenal opportunity you buy because your prioritization strategy is defective.

Focus on your leads utilizing the over five procedures, and you'll see an expansion in your deal's close rate. Notwithstanding, these are some of the most valuable recommendations for sales reps to qualify and focus productively on their deals possibilities. Zeroing in your endeavors on opportunities or leads who are bound to buy than the people who aren't is the critical example to be gained from this.

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