How to Leverage Real-time Chat Feature to Boost Conversion

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Communication is key, always and everywhere; even in marketing. Data alone cannot give enough insights, it's essential to ensure that those insights drive conversions also. A growing organization needs to know who is visiting their website, how much time are they spending, and especially – are they still on the site? Even more important is to know if a visitor is ready to engage with the business. Implementing a real-time live chat would take you a step ahead towards driving conversions. An instant answer could be the difference between a conversion and leaving the site.

Only 10% would actually go through your website, get convinced, and maybe result in a conversion.

That’s a tiny window. Real-time live chats are a major driving force behind a visitor’s buying decision. That’s because if a visitor decides to converse through live chat, he/she is either considering a purchase or is in the process of making one.

Were You Able to Figure Out the Real Challenge?

Let us explain a bit more. Small and growing businesses need to bank on every chance they get when it comes to converting a potential lead. They might be driving traffic, for sure, because visitors do come and visit the site. But the problem is they are not able to convert them, or maybe take them to the further steps in the sales funnel.

The three problems real-time chats from can solve are:

  1. A chance to close a deal with a potential lead at the right time
  2. Understanding the exact service a visitor is looking for by using tools like
  3. Getting people to stay on your website for a longer time

Wait, what is

Did we get you curious enough? is an utterly simple software that lets you close deals faster on a real-time basis. The real-time feature lets you talk to a visitor when they are browsing your website. You can simply get a list of all the visitors who are currently viewing a specific page and start a conversation with your potential customer.

Conversational marketing picked up its pace real quick since 2015. And it's extremely popular on sites with lower traffic.

At least 1 in every 7 sessions on site receive up to 5000 visitors engaging in a live chat.

And it’s not anymore about just solving problems. If a brand offered live chat support, almost 51% of customers say that they are more likely to stay with that company or buy again.

But there are still many small businesses out there who think it's better to contact on email and phone. Moreover, they think live chat is only for BIG companies. The answer to both of these statements is – NO. Real-time chat is perfectly feasible for small and growing companies. In fact, is one of those real-time chat software that’s specially designed for them. Plus, live chat support is extremely high on the customer satisfaction index, standing at 80%.

Here’s a big reason why customers feel more engaged with live chat support. It’s very simple – they can get their answers instantly!

Moreover, the average response time by companies through emails is 12 HOURS. And with live chat, it's just 37 SECONDS! So, the real question is – is it going to be 12 hours or 37 seconds?

What’s so Different About

We know you are already aware of Live Chat. is very different from it. A Live Chat dialog box would pop up and ask a visitor to enter their email to start chatting. However, takes that initiative itself, instead of asking them to enter details. With a simple tracking code pasted on your company’s website header and footer, you can track each visitor while they are on the move.

This is a normal dialog box for chat where you ask for visitor’s contact details.

Whereas, this is a conversational software that your company’s website can use when a visitor is on your website.

See the difference?

Whenever a visitor browses any of your web pages, you can track them on your dashboard. Toggling on the Real-time feature would show up a list of all the current visitors. Clicking on any one of them would take you to an interface where you can connect with them.

In 2020, Intercom reported that engaging visitors in live chats can end up in 82% more conversions, as compared to those who don’t engage.

How Can You Leverage Marketing with Real-time Chat?

Marketing is increasingly about engaging with prospects in real-time. This is where live chat comes in. Rather than simply answering questions, you can take this opportunity to encourage prospects to take action right away. Not only will this help you engage with them, but it will also help you increase the time they spend browsing your site.

It's not surprising that live chat is popular with B2C businesses. However, B2B marketers and salespeople are increasingly using it to support and turn their visitors into potential customers. This is one of the ways you can leave a good impression on a prospect and make them want to come back later.

The importance of real-time chats can't be understated.

According to research done by Forrester, 44% of online consumers say they value being able to contact a live person while in the middle of an online purchase.

However, real-time conversational marketing is not only about numbers. It can provide businesses with an ample amount of data because it asks effective questions. And this is one big difference between contacting through emails and conversing while a visitor is on the site. It lets you figure out essential pain points of a visitor through deciphering:

  • Are they here to make a purchase, or only researching?
  • Can they become a potential lead, or do you have to reach out to someone in more seniority?
  • How did they get to your site?

Be a Proactive Problem-solver

When a visitor lands on your website, there could be two possible reasons – the purchasing intent, and a pain point that led them to your website. Real-time chat makes you become a proactive problem-solver by focusing on the exact pain points of your visitors. It greatly reduces the guesswork behind the whole “who is here for what”?

If you are able to find the pain points, you can market your content even better. This way, you’ll be directly addressing the issues instead of going haywire.

Multiple Positive Outcomes with Real-time Chat


It is more accessible to users to simply engage in a chat, rather than entering their details in a pop-up. Hence, live chat can allow multiple users to talk with a visitor simultaneously. Additionally, it can also route the lead to the best possible person for their query. When you have impressed your prospects, the chances that they will engage with you are higher.

A great way to increase your chances is by utilizing live chat. With live chat, you can establish a line of communication and meet the needs of your prospects. The chat may lead to a phone call or video chat, or even a product demo. If you succeed in this endeavor, there is an opportunity for micro-conversions. It’s also a great way to move a visitor from the awareness stage, to consideration, and to finally the decision stage.

Competitive Edge

With live chat, your visitors can start a conversation without having to look elsewhere. This makes live chat a great way to reach out to your prospects and keep them from going to other companies. Moreover, you would already have a list of visitors currently visiting on your site, and which page are they on. This would make it easier for you to assign a sales team member that exactly matches the service a visitor is looking for. And if there is a repeat visitor currently at your site, you would already have the contact information about them.

Up-sell and Boost Revenues

With real-time chat messaging, you can invite website visitors who are browsing on your site based on what they look at or how long they stay. This is a form of cold-calling and can be used to up-sell or to suggest discounted options in order to build trust and make a visitor stay longer on the website and likely to make a purchase.

An opportunity to upsell your customer is great, but you need to time it right. It's important to take note of who your visitors are, because that will help you recommend products that they might be interested in. Hence, you need to monitor visitors and track their time span. It can help you create better suggestions, messages, and identify a right time to approach them.

Targeting New Sectors

As a small business, you may have noticed that there are fewer people chatting with you than usual. Perhaps they all have the same questions. Even if the number of prospects that are chatting with you is low, you can still find a content opportunity to grow your audience.

For example, you can make a content piece that answers their question and personalize it to their customer journey. You can also create awareness content clusters related to the new industry sectors by targeting specific keywords. And then, you can also venture into creating social ads and guest blogging on the sites catering to the sector.

Better Segmentation

Real-time chats can provide you with a huge amount of data that you can use to get insights. And one of the important insights you can get is about the division of the customer base. For an IT service providing company like Third Rock Techkno, there are multiple industries to which they cater to.

If your company serves multiple industries, you can monitor the chat activity for each one. You can break the sessions down and see which industry is more interested in your company. This way, you’ll be able to generate common themes around each industry. And this can lead to delivering personalized content that is more valuable to your visitors than general content. Based on this, you can also plan your content distribution channels.

Be Prompt to Both New and Repeat Customers

As a small business, your primary focus always remains on increasing the customer base. And that’s the main reason why marketers also put more effort mainly on pre-sales live chat. Converting visitors to customers is essential, but that's not all you need to do. It is equally important to keep your focus on the customers who keep coming back and provide prompt support through chat to them too. Customer retention is just as important as customer acquisition.

While businesses strive hard to convert visitors, real effort applies in how they communicate with their existing customers. Pre-sales and post-sales communication, both, are a huge part of the best practices for boosting your marketing. Studies have shown that a 5% increase in customer retention rate leads to an increase in profits by 25% to 95%.

Keep the Primary Purpose Intact

A customer journey is a series of moments, each with its own challenges and expectations. There are key moments in the customer journey that, based on the consumer's set of needs and intent, help shape their preferences and ultimately decide if they purchase. Chat shouldn’t take over your website. Your visitors vie for live help, but for the most part, they want to explore without any help at all. The need is to find the right balance and provide chat support intelligently across specific web dropout points, key acquisition triggers, and sales triggers to support up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

The Bottom Line

Are you aware that last year, almost 33% of customers abandoned a relationship with a business only because they lacked the personalization factor?

It's a new era for small businesses looking to grow their customer base in an affordable manner. Anything that offers a positive ROI is a good call, and that includes live chats. Just like your products and services, live chats are meant to enhance the buyer's experience. And they're not just about creating happy customers. Live chats can also boost ROI in many ways. For instance, resolving customer queries on the spot saves money you might've spent on phone calls. Besides a great website experience, real-time chats increase brand loyalty among customers.

Get yourself started with a 14-day free trial today! Experience all the advanced features like adding filters, assigning leads, and email notifications. Pay only for the number of leads.

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