How to Install in Webflow

Update date : 3 Jun 2024 | 2 Min Read

Start in Webflow by copying the code

The first step is to obtain a script you can post on your website's backend. While completing your signup, you will be asked to enter your website URL.

Note: If you are already using with an existing website (property), please add a new property from the top right side of your dashboard.

Step 1: Click on the icon highlighted below in the Install tracking code section of the overview section to access’s tracking script.

Step 2: Click View Script and copy it, or you can copy it by clicking “Copy Script.”

Login To Your Webflow Dashboard And Continue With The Following Steps

Step 1: Click on the Webflow icon in the top left of your Webflow dashboard.

Step 2: Select the code editor

Slide 3: Add the script

Slide 4: Click Save Changes.

Slide 5: Click Publish on your project settings page.

When asked to select a domain, you should choose the top-level domain for the Site listed in

Slide 6: Click Publish to Selected Domains.

Slide 7: Verify installation within the Dashboard.

Let's make it simple; check the following video to understand the steps easily.

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