Heatmaps in e-commerce: How to increase product sales

Update date : 20 Jul 2023 | 6 Min Read

Are you still spending 2x of your time and money to bring users to your eCommerce store but still not getting the profit you want? Have you ever wondered why? It is because you are not seeing the complete picture. You succeeded in driving traffic to your eCommerce store, but what about the conversions? Create an experience that brings them again and again to buy a product from your store only! But how? This article is the answer to all your questions!

What is your e-commerce store's primary concern? Maybe keeping consumers interested in your products and services amid multiple competitors. That’s why understanding consumer behavior is essential to driving sales and optimizing website performance. Here, user behavior analytical tools like heatmaps come into the picture, providing valuable insights into user interactions and preferences. The heatmap tool helps analyze the website’s best-performing and drop-off elements.

What Are Heatmaps?

A visual representation of data that uses specific color coding to show what the users navigating the most on your website and which part they skip the most. Heatmaps turn complex data into easily understandable images, allowing you to see trends and patterns at a glance. Moreover, Heatmaps leverage color intensity to represent varying values in a two-dimensional data set. Hotter colors (reds, yellows) typically represent higher values, while cooler colors (blues, greens) represent lower values.

Why Heatmaps Are Essential In The eCommerce Sector?

According to the research; The eCommerce industry is growing 23% year-over-year, and 67% of millennials and 56% of Gen Xers prefer to shop online, that is why website heatmap tools are essential to know your potential customer’s behavior. Heatmaps highlight comprehensive user behavior analytics for eCommerce websites. They capture and visualize user interactions in real-time, allowing businesses to dig deeper into user behavior and preferences.

The following are the essential touchpoints to monitor using heatmaps in eCommerce, which you should know if you want to optimize your eCommerce site and increase sales.

1. Capturing User Interactions

Heatmaps seamlessly capture users’ interactions, and record clicks, scrolls, and attention points. It gives a holistic view of how users navigate their websites, shedding light on crucial user behavior patterns of your website. Scroll heatmaps help analyze how users scroll through the website and where they lose interest, allowing businesses to optimize content placement and keep users engaged throughout their navigation.

Businesses get insights into user preferences for specific products or CTAs by analyzing click heatmaps. Understanding what captures users' attention allows businesses to optimize product placement and design effective marketing strategies.

2. Product Placement And CTA Optimization

CTAs (Call to Action) are an integral element of any eCommerce website that drives high engagement. It is imperative to identify the correct placement of the CTA buttons. Heatmap data shows businesses how to optimize product placement and call-to-action buttons in high-engagement areas strategically. This optimization significantly increases conversions and drives sales. Heatmap data depicts the number of clicks your CTAs are getting; based on the numbers, it is easy to analyze the performance of CTAs and identify and remove the distracting factors.

For example,

An eCommerce website used the riyo.ai website heatmap tool to understand how visitors move through their product page. The result showed that nearly 52% of visitors were not reaching the end of the page to the CTA, i.e., “Buy Now”; accordingly, they changed the position of the CTA button.

Only changing the placement of the CTA resulted in an increased click-through rate and hence, better conversions.

3. Increase Sales Through Insights

The power of the heatmap tool goes beyond mere data visualization. With heatmap insights, eCommerce businesses can implement strategies to boost product sales and increase user experiences.

Optimize Navigation & Content

  • Streamline Navigation: Heatmaps show how users interact with website navigation and content. Businesses can use this information to streamline navigation and create a more user-friendly experience, reducing bounce rates and increasing engagement.
  • Personalize Content: Understanding user preferences through heatmaps allows businesses to tailor content to specific user segments. Personalized content increases user satisfaction and leads to higher conversion rates.

Boost Product Sales

  • Highlight Top Performers: Identity which products receive the most attention using heatmaps. Feature these products more prominently to leverage user interest and increase sales.
  • Optimize Product Pages: Heatmaps reveal areas of interest on product pages. Use this data to strategically place product information, calls to action (CTAs), and high-quality images, ultimately driving conversions.
  • A/B Test Layouts: Test different product page layouts with heatmaps to see which ones drive the most engagement and sales. This data-driven approach helps optimize product pages for maximum conversions.

4. Optimize for Mobile Conversions

Most people use mobile for online purchases and scroll through the multiple options. Consequently, it is vital to identify mobile users' behavior.

(Image Source)

Your E-store might lose a sizable chunk of revenue if it is not optimized for mobile users. According to the above image, almost half of the sales of eCommerce stores get through mobile users only. Analyze the mobile heatmaps for the essential pages of your website to see how visitors click and scroll through your website. Mobile heatmaps and desktop and tablet heatmaps are automatically collected when a website is visited. To view mobile heatmaps, click on the mobile icon. You can also toggle between tap maps showing finger taps on any page and scroll maps as needed.

5. To Increase Conversion Ratio

Heatmap tool has become a powerful ally in the quest for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). It offers actionable data to refine marketing strategies and improve eCommerce website performance.

Analyze Funnels & Drop-Offs

Heatmaps shed light on user behavior within your conversion funnels, pinpointing the exact stages where visitors are dropping off. This allows you to identify areas for improvement, such as confusing checkout processes or unclear calls to action (CTAs). By optimizing each step of the funnel based on user behavior, you can dramatically increase conversion rates.

A/B Test with Heatmap Data

Heatmaps go beyond just identifying problems; they provide the data to test potential solutions. You can leverage heatmap insights to create A/B tests for different website elements, like CTA button placement, product image size, or form layouts. This allows you to compare user behavior and determine which version drives the most conversions. With this data-driven approach, you can continuously refine your website and marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Track Changes & Results

The beauty of heatmaps lies in their ability to track the effectiveness of any changes you make. You can monitor how adjustments to your website based on heatmap data influence user behavior and conversion rates. This ensures your CRO efforts are backed by real user insights, leading to measurable and sustainable improvements in your eCommerce website's performance.

6. User-Driven Product Design

Product pages are the most essential element of the eCommerce website. It has the power to make or break the effectiveness of the eCommerce store. Product pages must be cleanly designed, with accurate and required product details. Get an overview of how visitors navigate your product page using move heatmaps. You must check these points:

  • Do they hover the cursor over the product description?
  • Are they clicking on the wishlist/save option?
  • Are they checking for offers?
  • Are they clicking to look for similar options? And more.

You need to ensure that customers have enough information to make an informed purchase but not too much to become confused, overwhelmed, or distracted. You can also analyze which part of the product page is helping increase conversions.

7. Reduce Cart Abandonment

When visitors add items to their shopping cart but leave the website without making a purchase, it is called cart abandonment. This can prevent them from becoming customers. Heatmaps can assist in reducing cart abandonment and increasing sales by providing insights into what may be causing visitors to leave.

You can analyze a click map on your shopping cart and checkout pages to gain insight into user behavior. This will help you understand if users are distracted by menu icons or banners and trying to add coupon codes by clicking on specific areas.

Heatmaps aren't just for fancy tech companies anymore. They're a powerful tool for any eCommerce business owner who wants to squeeze every last drop of sales potential out of their website.  Are you ready to finally understand what your customers want and give it to them?  Get started with heatmaps today!

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