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Identifying b2b website visitors is the first step to building a successful campaign. Ideally, you want to reach those interested in your product and understand what features make it a valuable investment. Marketing to the wrong set of users won't resonate with your message, and you will waste valuable time and money.

It's a big mistake to assume that any visitor on your site is a high-quality lead for your business. Great customer experience comes by analysing adequate and relevant data using page tracker tools. With it, you can target the right audience and offer the right message at the right time. Data will allow you to know your potential buyers better and provide more tailored messaging that matches their specific needs.

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Reach New Customer Bases By Tracking Website Visitors

Let us explain how a website visitor tracking software can help you in reaching different target audience bases by adding filters and generating quality leads.

Tracking your website visitors with lead generating software like can provide you with a lot more than just knowing your visitors. Knowing your visitors is the first step. The crucial part is sorting them out by segregating them according to the filters:

  • Type of industry
  • Their geographic location
  • The title of job or position
  • Size of their company

Why do you need these filters? Because your needs should match the type of leads, you want to generate. For example, if you're planning to expand your business in the US, you wouldn't want to look for a lead or visitor from France or Germany. However, if your website got a visitor from a different location than the one you want to target, it means your business has reached new potential avenues.

Adding filters would solve two essential purposes for you:

  • Create your ideal customer personas for the existing target audience
  • Find potential target bases in new locationsThe above explanation brings us to a conclusion that – regardless of the industry, you need filters to identify b2b marketing sales leads that align with your product or service offered. Now, let us explain the above two purposes in detail and the ways to achieve them.

Creating Customer Personas

Customer Persona - Traek

No matter how much web traffic your website gets, it's probably a waste of time if your marketing and sales efforts don't align with them. Focusing your efforts on identifying your website visitors enables you to generate quality leads and boost ROI. It start by filtering your website visitors based on different parameters and take the next step based on the filter result:

Selecting Country: Are you sure you know where your audience is coming from? For each country, you might have a different set of users. You can set the filter according to the country you want to base your target audience. This makes it highly beneficial for creating personas specifically for the audience of that country.

Type of Company: Profiles are different for each company, and you can set this filter by adding the name of a specific organization that you want to target.

Date Range and Tags: By setting the data range for the period you want to search the users visiting a specific page, you can develop a holistic customer persona specifically for that period. Further, you can also select specific tags based on the type of lead you assigned earlier to each lead like Cold, Warm, and Hot.

Pages: You can set the “Pages” filter based on the page a visitor lands on a service page. Many solution providers offer various solutions like Artificial Intelligence, Web development, app development. If a user lands on the app development page, they only need that service and are not looking for any other. It can help create a list of people for an individual service and target them.

Technologies: If you want to know the technologies used by the company’s website of the user who visited your page, you can set the technology stack filter accordingly.

Leads Filter - Traek
Lead Filter -

Identifying the target web audience starts from understanding your target customer. Each business has dreamt of serving a perfect customer; it's time to bring that dream into reality. So, the question that arises is – what does my ideal customer look like?

To attract new customers, it's essential to know who you're looking for. To find out the characteristics of your best existing customers, hold a meeting with sales and marketing teams to talk about their past client base and what their aspirational client base looks like. After having an idea of your target customer, you can take tactical measures to attract them online through the characteristics of your best existing customers.

Finding Potential Leads Based on Location

When considering a target location for your business, it's important to identify how your existing content marketing strategy fits in. And more importantly, if you can convert those customers first. It's indispensable to make the portrait as detailed as possible, and even more significant to read your current customers thoroughly.

Let’s take an example. If you own an IT service company, you'll want to see the specific locations where your content marketing strategy is reaping benefits. You'll want to see if these locations generate maximum traffic, compared to your competitors.’s location filters help you break down your strategy into the following two scenarios:

  • Identify who generates the most revenue from the smallest amount of effort. Who keeps you in business? With's filters for country, you can find out which locations have less traffic and vice versa.
  • If you want to target multiple locations for marketing,’s location filters can prove beneficial. You can see which location generates the highest amount of traffic and identify the audience base that responds most to it. Eventually, it allows you to figure out the most relevant location to focus and develop your marketing strategy.

By targeting only the areas where you get maximum traffic from, you can develop a marketing strategy that speaks to them, engages them, and converts them into customers.

Understand the Indicators That Separate your Target Audience with

In order to build a successful B2B website, startups should take customer data beyond demographics and firmographic data. Hence, they would need to get a hold of the data like the industry, job titles, and size of the company. However, they should also be able to identify indicators that separate audiences from people who just look at the website. These indicators often come in the form of either skills or interests.

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