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Have you ever thought that if someone visits your website, they are going to be your customer? If you did, then it's WRONG.The correct answer to the above question would be – NO.

If someone is browsing through the pages on your site, it doesn't mean they want to buy from you. However, lead generation tools are there to increase the possibility of turning them into long-lasting customers.

How do you bank upon that opportunity?

How do you know for sure they will be your next customer?

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The questions are endless. People visiting your website is only the starting point, but it's not enough. You want them to engage and keep them interested in turning them into customers. When you do, repeat purchases will increase, and new customers may become regulars. Customer conversion should be a top priority for any business because it will boost their sales and provide revenue from new customers.

Even if you have sufficient data, there are high chances that only 2-3% of them would become your customers. Many websites experience lower conversion rates because they don't have streamlined software for tracking their website visitors. comes to the rescue to guide you seamlessly through the companies visiting your site.

Website Visitor Tracking Software Gives you a Competitive Edge

A lead generation software scores over other analytical tools by identifying website visitors through IP addresses and matching them with database. Even if the visitors don't leave their info, you can quickly figure out their details. Consequently, tracking software doesn't only report traffic in numbers; it also tells who they are. You can identify the companies they work in, their locations, and how they came to know about your site.

The most significant benefit of using software like is it's unobtrusive for your visitors, and they wouldn't know you are tracking them. uses first-party data and perfectly complies with the GDPR guidelines to help you acquire faster and reliable data. It also gives you sample scope to filter out any unnecessary traffic and keep only the one that serves your purpose, product, and service offerings.

What to Do with The Website Visitors' Data?

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Now that you have the information about who visits your website, it's time to put that data into use and turn those visitors into potential leads. enables this in two ways:

  • You can integrate your CRM like Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce to send over the leads that look promising.
  • You can directly assign a strong lead to a salesperson on software itself.

Four Crucial Things to Identify your Valuable Customers

Real Time Chat -

A list of visitors is not enough. You also need to figure out which visitor could be your next target customer and which would be a waste of time. A website visitor tracking software allows you to take action from insight. From a delightful surprise of finding a totally unexpected lead to the decision of making an offer they can't refuse – it takes a lot of sweeping under the rug. provides access to these four powerful features to sort out valuable leads:

1. Build long-term customer relationships on a real-time basis

Real-time chat is different from a chatbot or live chat. It doesn't pop up whenever a user visits your site that users might find annoying.'s real-time chat lets you engage website visitors with messages directly relevant to what they're looking at. It can increase conversions by 45%. All you're really doing is offering instant answers to their questions about a specific service. For example, if someone is on your site and considering buying a product, you can hit them up to help them make their decision.

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2. See what exact service your visitors are searching for

A mismatch of words with your customer could make all the difference. You need to tailor your outreach skills to match your new or existing prospects. For example, if you are talking to someone who recently left their email address on your website for more information, you can ask them about what they were searching for online. It will also help grow your database and capture more data on customer journeys.

3. Monitor the user activity and behavior

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The best website visitors are the ones who show the most interest. That's why you should monitor their behaviors to see where they go online. This will tell you which companies are willing to spend more money on your site. You can watch one or many websites, such as case studies, features, and pricing. The best visitors are the ones who show a lot of interest, so make sure to keep track of these websites.

4. Bridge the gap between attraction and conversion

A sale can often start even before a visitor visits your page. Who knows, who might be your potential customer? Usually, people visit a site with low expectations. It's essential to engage shoppers' expectations, but it only goes so far. What if you could also shape their expectations before they get to your site? If you can shape the customer's expectations before they reach your site, you have a very high chance of converting that customer into a buyer. helps you manage those expectations before they even land on your site.

Stay Connected with The Past, Existing, and Potential Customers lets you set a solid foundation for your target base by hiding the leads that don't sound exciting enough. The right software for tracking website visitors allows you to sort through a mess of leads and generates valuable data.

A steady flow of relevant data is only possible when you stay in touch with all of your customers. If they are past customers, you can go back to the history and identify your actions and at what stage. The existing customers would give you an idea of how to keep approaching them based on their activities and ensure they remain a constant source of revenues.

Both the past and existing customers would pave the way ahead to determine who are your potential leads. Often, the leads who look like your top visits might not always be your target customers. Hence, digging deeper into the visitor behavior history through archived leads can set the base for your potential base.

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