8 Best CTA Practices for Higher Conversion Rates in 2024

Update date : 11 Jun 2024 | 5 Min Read

Who doesn’t want to optimize their website according to users' likes? But sometimes, lack of time and resource management hinders website makeovers. In this case, optimizing a website’s call-to-action (CTA) is an effective way to increase conversion rate and sales with minimal effort.

CTAs are the buttons of the website that visitors click, and that leads to potential conversion. These actions give necessary information to the users, directly lead them to the cart (in the case of eCommerce business), and ask you necessary questions, including name, email address, mobile number, etc.

And the beauty of CTAs is their versatility. Even if a visitor isn’t ready to purchase, a well-crafted CTA can capture their information, bringing them a step closer to becoming a customer. This not only reassures you that every click on your CTA is a potential lead but also instills a sense of hope and optimism about the potential of your website to convert visitors into customers.

Top 8 CTA Best Practices to Increase Conversion Rates

1. CTA Must Work As You Thought

A CTA that doesn't work correctly can drastically reduce conversion rates. A study by Formisimo found that form-related issues (such as malfunctioning CTAs) can lead to a 67% abandonment rate. Regular testing across different browsers and devices ensures functionality. Google Optimize and Optimizely are tools you can use to A/B test and ensure your CTA works seamlessly, or not.

Moreover, you need to understand user intent at each stage of the buyer's journey. For example, Amazon uses "Add to Cart" for browsing users and "Buy Now" for users ready to purchase, aligning CTAs with their readiness to buy.

2. Always Stay Ahead In The Placement Game

User behavior analytics can reveal where users are most likely to click. Strategic placement of your CTAs can greatly improve the website’s performance. Research shows that placing CTAs above the fold can boost conversions by 317%.

HubSpot places CTAs at multiple touchpoints within its blog posts and landing pages. Offering CTAs like "Download the Guide" in the middle of a blog post and "Start Your Free Trial" at the end caters to different stages of user engagement.

3. Start With Getting The Targeted Audience To Your Site

The effectiveness of a CTA (Call to Action) heavily depends on the volume and quality of your website’s traffic. Are you attracting enough qualified visitors who genuinely need your product or service to boost conversion rates? Is your CTA aligned with the expectations of your site’s visitors? Moreover, investing in user behavior analytics tools to surpass competitors will increase conversion rates.

You can use riyo.ai’s session recordings and heatmaps tools to know how users navigate your website and know the page, element, content, etc., they like the most and skip the most. And accordingly, you can improve your website.

It’s crucial to focus on the quality of leads as much as the number of visitors to your site. Your CTA will fall flat if your visitors lack interest in your product or service. By carefully evaluating your keywords and meta descriptions, you can set your CTA up for success.

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4. Make A Conversion Funnel Your Guide

Understanding each conversion funnel stage is crucial. According to Salesforce, 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales due to a lack of nurturing. Map out touchpoints where CTAs can guide users to the next stage.

Let me tell you a use case of Dropbox: they use a freemium model with CTAs like "Sign Up for Free" to attract users at the awareness stage and "Upgrade to Pro" for those ready to purchase. This funnel-based approach ensures that users are guided smoothly from one stage to the next.

5. Pair Up With A Compelling Headline

A compelling headline paired with a strong CTA can boost conversions by up to 85%, as reported by Copyblogger. The headline should capture attention, while the CTA should provide a clear next step. You can take an example of Netflix; they use headlines like "Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime." followed by a CTA "Join Free for a Month." The headline addresses a pain point, and the CTA offers a risk-free solution.

6. Know What Tempts Your Audience To Purchase

Data analytics to understand customer behavior can significantly improve your CTA’s effectiveness. According to HubSpot, personalized CTAs perform 202% better than basic CTAs. Use tools like Google Analytics and customer surveys to gather insights.

You can take Groupon’s example; they use CTAs like “Get 50% Off Now” to create urgency and capitalize on the user’s fear of missing out (FOMO). This approach has helped them maintain high engagement and conversion rates.

7. Remove The Perceived Risk

Offering guarantees can reduce perceived risk and increase conversions. According to a study by Baymard Institute, 17% of users abandon their carts due to concerns about returns. Clear guarantees can alleviate these concerns.

Just like Zappos provides a 365-day return policy and free shipping both ways, prominently displayed near CTAs like “Add to Cart.” This transparency builds trust and reduces perceived risk, encouraging users to complete their purchase.

8. Include Secondary CTA

Secondary CTAs can capture users not ready to commit to the primary action. Offering multiple CTAs can increase engagement by providing alternatives to users at different stages of the buying cycle.

Let’s take an example of everyone’s favorite app: LinkedIn offers a primary CTA like “Join Now” and a secondary CTA like “Learn More.” This dual approach caters to ready-to-commit users and those needing more information before deciding.

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What is the most effective way to improve your conversion rate?

There are only so many practical ways. It's a combination of strategies. However, data-driven testing is important. Track user behavior, analyze results, and experiment with elements on your website or landing pages. This helps you understand what resonates with your audience and what creates friction.

Here are some effective CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tactics you can test:

  • Clear Value Proposition
  • Compelling CTAs
  • Frictionless User Experience
  • Trust Signals

What is the best size for a CTA?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer. CTA size should be proportionate to your web page and stand out from the background. A/B testing different sizes can help you determine the optimal size for your audience.

Which CTA color is best?

The best color depends on your brand and audience. However, there are some general guidelines. Consider contrasting colors that grab attention without clashing with your overall design. Red, orange, and green are commonly used CTA colors for their boldness.

What is the most effective CTA?

Effective CTAs are clear, concise, and action-oriented. They tell users exactly what you want them to do, like "Buy Now" or "Download Free Trial."

How do I increase my click conversion rate?

  • Strong CTA copy: Use easy language and benefit-driven messaging.
  • Button Design: Make your CTA button visually appealing and easy to identify.
  • Placement: Position your CTA strategically where users are most likely to see and click it.

Is “Read more” a good CTA?

"Read More" can be a weak CTA because it's vague. It's better to be specific about the benefits users get by clicking. Consider "Download Now" or "Learn More About X."

What is the highest converting button color?

There isn't a single "highest converting" color.  However, studies suggest red and green tend to perform well. However, the best CTA color depends on your brand identity and target audience. The key to optimizing conversions is to test and iterate. Understanding your audience and making data-driven decisions can significantly improve your conversion rates.

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