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How to use Real-Time Insights to start a chat?

Update date : 12 Dec 2022 | 1 Min Read


Login into your Back-End & click on Real-Time Visitors Tab from the Menu

Step-2: Pick a visitor and check his user agent details

—>Company:  You can check the details like which company your visitor is from,

—> Current Page: Which page he is visiting your website right now

—> Source: How he reached your website.

—>Time: How much time he has spent on your website

—> Visits: How many visits he has made to your website

—> User Agent will help you to understand the below aspects

  • Which operating system he is using
  • Which browser he is using
  • He is visiting websites through desktop or mobile

Use Case:

You can have a quick idea about your visitor’s multiple details and can have a basic understanding of his technological awareness in order to pitch specific products/services from your offerings or change your approach to that visitor based on the situation.

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