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Update date : 18 Sep 2021 | 9 Min Read

A stranger wants to build a business relationship with you by showing a genuine interest. What would you do?

  1. Scare them away by being an intrusive and annoying cold caller? Or,
  2. Take your own sweet time to get to know them, attract them, and convince them to take it to the next level?

The easier option would be the former. But easy options never give you what you want. Lead generation makes the second option, the right one, a little easier. Hence, the better option would be the latter. It's a solution that saves you from being that annoying, intrusive person interrupting people while they are sitting in a meeting.

Lead Generation Software Takes a Subtle and Less Annoying Way

Lead generation services help marketers personalize the information they need. And this information is specific to each potential lead to help them in converting them into customers. More importantly, it paves the way to open communication with them by focusing on addressing their problems. Instead of guessing and calling who might be interested – lead generation smoothens the transition from a visitor to a potential lead.

Lead generation strategies

Therefore, leads form an integral part of a visitor’s lifecycle. An important thing to note is that a visitor is not a lead yet. They are contemplating, considering, and browsing through information to make up their mind for making a purchase. Lead generation is the process that helps marketers turn those contemplating visitors into a lead.

But Wait… Lead Generation Is Just the Tip of an Iceberg

The process of generating leads can be tedious. Keeping track of all the visitors, their interests and contracting them to see if they are ready to purchase – does take a toll on marketers. Also, they might miss chances of talking to visitors while they are on the site. That could bring a lot of difference. Because if marketers know which service a visitor is searching for now, it will allow them to seal the deal right away.

Doesn’t it?

So, how do they do that? Using as a service for generating leads. is a B2B lead generation software that gives small B2B companies a chance to talk to a potential lead while browsing your site. Real-time live chat comes for the rescue again! With, companies can know right away who is the current visitor and which page they are browsing. And then, they can simply shoot a message to help them with their decision-making process.

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Did you know that around 120 businesses choose a new address, almost 20 CEOs would change their job every half an hour?

Using software for generating leads or opting for multiple lead generation services isn't enough. The main concern that such software addresses are B2B companies' problems while generating enough leads and of quality.

  1. One problem with lead generation is that people usually focus on quantity, not quality. It often results in many bad leads: people who won't buy, can't afford your product, or don't have the authority to make purchases. With the more detailed information you gather from a contact form, you'll get fewer leads, but those you do get will be of a higher quality.
  2. You probably already know you need to follow up with your leads. Sometimes, either the leads are not organized properly, unmotivated, or just too busy. There are automated tools to keep track of leads for you and help your sales team follow them up. tells you about new leads, provides performance metrics, and enables an easy follow-up of all the leads.
  3. Another challenge is not putting up a good marketing message to get across to the visitors and instead asking them to figure that out on their own. Assuming people would do, what you want them to do, is not a great marketing mindset. Tell them what you want them to. You can do that easily with’s real-time live chat. While visitors are on a page, you can chat with them and offer precisely the solution they are looking for.

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Why Lead Generation Tool Is a Great Software for Small B2B Companies?

A survey by GetApp shows that almost 57% of the B2B and B2C companies use lead generation software or lead generation services.

That's enough evidence to start experiencing the great benefits of such software.

Lead generation software or lead generation tool is excellent for small and growing B2B companies. If you're not using it, you could be wasting time and money. B2B lead generation software gives you a way to generate leads online and stay in touch with them. It also has its own set of lead nurturing tools that your company can use to increase the chance of converting them into new clients.

Here are some unique plus points of using Riyo as a B2B lead generation software or lead generation tool. It can boost a company's ROI, conversions, longer customer relationships, identify real pain points, up-sell, and a personalized way to address their concerns.

  • One of the top challenges for a business is finding quality leads, and this software can help! It can also help you target your perfect customer with its customizable, accurate filtering methods.
  • Capturing leads is essential, but managing them is even more so. And can help do both. It makes capturing and organizing leads easier to close the sales faster. You'll get more done in a shorter time, thanks to
  • There's always a time that you're not in front of your computer, and it's easy to forget to follow up with leads. That's why automatically sends emails and reminds you when it's time to reach out to your leads in person.
  • It also handles the chore of correcting contact information, so you can be sure your contacts are up-to-date and accurate.

Alright, we discussed the problems that lead generation software or lead generation tools solves. We also discussed how it's beneficial for a small B2B business. However, many B2B companies would still want to go with an easier option – buying leads. Let us explain why that wouldn’t be such a good idea.

Marketers want to fill their sales funnel. But, there's only one way: They have to generate leads themselves. Buying leads is much easier (and faster) than organically generating them, but they're more expensive. Is it worth it? Of course, you would be paying for ads anyway — so why not just buy them?

When it comes to lead generation, you're buying strangers — not friends. Think about the last time you were offered a cookie at a store. It's only polite to say "no, thank you" and move on. The same goes for your leads. Email them what they asked for, don't send them anything they aren't interested in.

Why Generating Leads Is Always a Better Choice than Just Buying Leads?

Let's explain a simple scenario. When a visitor lands on your website, it signifies they are interested in your company's offers. They want to make a purchase, and the steps they take towards making that decision also seem pretty natural. That's because your company might have an answer they are looking for, and you offered to address that problem. However, when a person isn't interested in your offers or solutions, and you try to convince them – they won't be purchasing it out of their own will, even if you do. And this is precisely why a company can hurt its brand reputation in the long run.

Lead generation doesn’t do that and goes beyond it. It doesn’t keep beating around the bush, nor does it keep trying to beat a dead horse. It lets you match with your ideal potential customers:

1. Targeting the right people

If you want to save money and potential sales, it's worth investing in targeting the right customers. By focusing on particular markets, you can save time and resources. It also allows for improved ROI. Lead generation is a great way to build your brand's reputation and awareness. When people discover your brand, they will learn more about your products from you by asking questions and using your website.

2. A Two-way Street

Gathering important marketing information is critical to lead generation, and your prospects can help! They are the ones with the needs, wants, and preferences! When you tailor your product or service to suit their needs, it makes them more loyal to you. Also, you can build an even larger community of like-minded customers who will be supportive of your company.

Lead generation methods and software constantly evolve with innovative strategies. This means that businesses have to adopt new strategies to stay on top of the trends and make sure they don't fall behind. Let's take a look at some of these trends, and consider how you might apply them to your business.

1. Implementing Real-time Live Chat on your Website

If you are trying to attract traffic on the internet, you need a website to establish your presence. You can use this opportunity to give valuable information to your audience. You can use engaging content to draw them in and ensure that your prospects always have a reason to return. And by using personalized content, the experience is personal for every visitor.

Real-time live chats are a thing because they are highly cost-effective, more accessible, faster, and enable closing deals right away. gives this feature for small B2B companies by simply adding a tracking code on the header and footer of their website. They can track their current visitors, talk to them about their needs, and offer a solution instantly.

2. Segmentation and Personalization

When designing your website, you should think about the different leads you want to attract. If you want potential leads to contact you, you need to make it easy for them. A big part of this is making sure your contact information is visible in a prominent place that’s easy to find.

Segmentation is a vital function in marketing, subdivided into groups with similar characteristics, interests, and needs. This is a practical approach in all areas of marketing, and it is essential for a sales funnel. For effective segmentation, you need to know more about two things: the composition of your target markets and personalization. enables you to do exactly that by adding filters and dividing your markets according to their needs and processes. You can split your leads, sort out genuine buyers and personalize the content according to their interests.

3. Retargeting through Blogs, Landing Pages, and Proper CTAs

So, you've generated a lead, now what? You need to develop the perfect landing page to convert them. To maximize each dollar that you spend on generating new leads, consider using retargeting campaigns. They will allow you to use the same link for your landing page. Retargeting will help you send the same message across differently, re-engage the visitors, and maybe give better results.

Building a blog is an excellent way to get high traffic and build your business. As you create and publish quality content on your blog, you will become a leader in your field, and potential leads will come to you. Your blog will also help build your knowledge base. Even if other sites don't link to it, it will be valuable in the eyes of your visitors. You can also use these links to direct your visitors to an important product-related content piece that could help them clarify their buying decision.

The Final Words

By now you might have gotten a good idea of the importance of lead generation and how software can help ease that process. You might also have got convinced that lead generation software is perfectly suitable and affordable for small B2B businesses looking to grow. lead generation software is a great way to step into this bandwagon! As a beginner, you should start with the basics. These steps include publishing relevant content, creating a website, and including contact information on the site. As you learn advanced features, you can start implementing filters, assigning leads, and using real-time live chats for full potential.

Start today and close deals faster by interacting with your visitors when they are on the website! Try it yourself with a free trial period of 30 days, and pay as per the number of leads you need.

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